Women can experience upwards of nine major bra size changes throughout their lives, making it a great idea to get sized at least once per year. Just because the tag on your favorite bra says "36D" doesn't mean that you're still that size, especially if that bra has seen a birthday or two.

Answer Me: What Size Should I Wear?

Does your everyday bra fit pretty well? Happy with the lack of pinching, strap-slipping and cup spillage? Check the tag on the inside for the cup-band size (given the bra has not yet celebrated a birthday) and use that size as your starting block. If it's close but not quite perfect, try some of our Bra Wear Tips.

But I Hate How My Bra Fits

We hate hearing that but love fixing it. Unlike unicorns, a bra you love isn't a mythical creature, even if finding one seems like it is. If you're unhappy with your bra fit, there are a few things you can do.
  • Chuck out all the bras in your drawer and just the let the girls roam free. (We don't actually recommend this.)
  • Come visit any of our 23 retail locations for a one-on-one fitting with a bravangelist. She'll use her expertise to help you hone in on the right size and style for you.
  • Contact our support center via live chat or at 800-342-4448. Our bravangelists are so good they can help you without ever having seen you in person. Really.

Prefer to DIY? Here's How to Measure

Whether it's your first time taking measurements or you're simply due for another measurement, we are here to support you! We've done our best to take out the guesswork and make finding your cup-band bra size simple. Push-ups and padding can skew things, so pull on a shelf bra camisole or your best fitting everyday bra and grab an inches tape measure: let's get measuring.

Step One:  Measure around your chest, just under the arms and above the bust. Make sure that the tape measure is taut and is straight across your back, but not tight, or that could result in a squeeze later. Breathe out, relax your shoulders. We'll get through this together. If the measurement is an odd number or a half size, round it up to the next even number (for example, 33 will actually be 34). This number is known as your band size. Unsure you've got it right? Take a seat - our chests expand some when seated.

Step Two:  Now it's time to measure your cup size. Measure around the fullest point of your bust. This could be at the nipple, but everyone's body is different. This will be one of two measurements that you need to determine your cup size.

Step Three:  For the final measurement, measure just under the bust around your ribcage.

Got the Measurements? Good. It's Time to Calculate

Now that you have the measurements down, it's time to figure out your bra size. It's important to remember that calculating bra size is more of an art rather than a science. Figuring out your bra size can be tricky, but this measurement method is a good starting point when it comes to finding the ideal bra for you.

We've made crunching the numbers easy with our Bra Fit Calculator below. Simply enter in your measurements in inches below and let the Bra Fit Calculator do the math for you:

1. Measure around your chest, just under the arms and above the bust:
2. Measure around the fullest part of your bust:
3. Measure around your chest, just beneath your breasts:
Calculate Bra Size