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Bra Coaches
Our Bra Coaches are always standing by to help you find the right fit! These gals have received extensive training, participated in try-ons and bounce tests and studied all the features inside and out, all just to ensure that they are able to help you find that perfect fit for whatever your needs may be. If you ever have questions about bras and sports bras, sizing, fit troubleshooting or would simply like someone to go over it with you one-on-one, you can give our Bra Coaches a call at 800-342-4448 or chat with them online. If you happen to catch them after hours, you can always shoot them an email.

Bra Fit Tips
There are some simple things to remember when trying on bras that will help you determine if you have the proper fit:

  • Make adjustments: If it has adjustable straps and an adjustable back closure, use them! Throwing it on off the hanger or out of the box won't truly show you whether or not it will work for your person, so take the time to adjust accordingly.
  • Check your straps: They should not cut into your shoulders, feel like they are holding most of the weight, or feel like they will chafe when you bend, twist and bounce.
  • Look From the side- Your bra should balance front to back. If the band is riding up in the back you may need to tighten your bra to the smallest hook or move to the next band size down.
  • Check the cups: they should be smooth and wrinkle-free without puckering, pulling or spillage.
  • Throw your hands in the air: does the whole bra come up with them? The band should stay put and not come up when you raise your arms.
  • Jump around: if you want a bra for that next mountain biking trip standing in front of the mirror won't tell you much. So give it the bounce-about. We won't tell anyone you were doing jumping jacks in your bathroom, promise!
For more fit tips or just a little help in getting into the right bra call one of our Bra Coaches at 800-342-4448 or try our Bra Genie.


Q: What is a sports bra?

A: A sports bra is a bra specifically designed to deliver proper support, and thus comfort, during activities that are more rigorous than the day-to-day. This includes everything from low-impact activities like hiking and yoga to high impact activities like trail running and equestrian. Sports bras often partner support with other features, such as encapsulation, compression, and wicking fabrics. Use our Bra Genie to find the bra that's right for you.

Q: How do I know my sports bra size?

A: Your sports bra size will be the same size as your everyday bra. Sports bras are designed to fit a bit snugger than your everyday bra so don't worry about sizing down for more support or compression. While many of our sports bras come in specific band-cup combinations, some do come in size ranges. For these bras, we will always give the equivalents (example: S(32BC-34B), M(34BC-36B), etc). If you need help figuring out your bra size, try our Bra Fit Calculator.

Q: How do I know how much support I need?

A: It's really up to you�comfort is key. One woman could find her everyday bra delivers the right amount of support for her workout, while another of the same size finds she needs three times the amount of her everyday bra for the same workout. Your bra size and what impact level of the activity you are to participate in will factor into this as well. A 34A mountain biking will most likely not need the same level of support as a 36DDD doing the same. So go ahead, try on the style you think will hold up through your step class and jump around. Still not sure where to begin? Our Barbell Rating System will get you started.

Q: What impact level is my activity?

A: Your personal size will play a part of impact and activity (a B cup's idea of high impact may be different than a DD's), but here are some examples to help guide you:

  • Low impact: hiking, weight training, yoga, mat exercise
  • Medium impact: cross-country skiing, vigorous walking/light jogging
  • High impact: running, basketball, mountain biking

Q: As an A cup do I still need a sports bra for my activities?

A: Surprisingly you do! Cup sizes are simply letters; women of all sizes need proper support, whether they are less-than-A cups or full-figured Js. Keeping your breasts properly supported helps them keep their perk by giving the supportive tissue inside some extra help from the outside. The amount of support you need is up to you but regardless of size, make sure you are comfortably secured and supported before heading out to bounce and boogie.