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Celebrating the Power of 9
Title 9K Boulder - May 13, 2012

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About The Course

The race is a scenic 9k+ loop around the Boulder Reservoir. We call it a t9k+ ‘cause the entire course equals 6.1 miles. The course begins inside the entrance of the Boulder Reservoir. It travels back out the front gates and then north to Monarch Road, turns east on Monarch and then south onto the Feeder Canal. Finally the course crosses the Reservoir's two damn walls and finishes out near the Pavilion. The course is mostly dirt roads and wide trails. It is rolling, but not technical.

Boulder Course Map

Aid Stations & Potties

There will be a total of 4 clearly marked aid stations spaced evenly along the course. Aid stations will be stocked with water, sports drinks, first aid, cheering fans and other cool stuff. Of course, there's the famous and extra yummy Chocolate Station near the end!

There will be porta-potties stationed at the start area, aid stations, finish line and expo area and in the parking lot.

Title Nine

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