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Title 9K Chicago - October 20, 2013

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A huge thank you goes out to all of the amazing companies who are excited to be with us as we celebrate YOU and our 3rd Annual Chicago Title 9K! Go check out what they have to offer you and your families – guaranteed to be healthy or fun or informative or all of the above. We are excited to have these folks at the Expo so that they can treat YOU to some of their wonderful products and services. Many are local to the Chicago area. Enjoy! And check out all they have to offer by clicking on their website link below.

Peet's Luna Action Wipes Salomon
Celestial Seasonings Larabar Think Thin Way Better Snacks
Diversey Health Center Diversey Health Center Wild Planet Honey Stinger

Zema’s Madhouse Foods
Zema’s comes from the initials of local girl, founder Jill Motew’s five kids (Zev, Emi, Max, Asher and Simon). Zema's Madhouse Foods, inc. commits to manufacturing gluten-free, ancient grain baking mixes that support a clean eating lifestyle through the use of ingredients that can safely be a part of diets that are limited, allergy-free and diabetic-friendly. You won’t find any of the usual suspects that cause allergens: no dairy, soy, yeast, tree nuts, sulfites, additives…whew – can these baking mixes BE any more healthy? These are not only good-for-you and the family, they are delicious! Go get some samples of what these convenient baking mixes can produce. Yum!

Diversey Health Center
Go check out Diversey Health Center’s booth at the Expo – and get a massage! Their care is unique, for they treat their patients like family and it shows! Diversey Health takes a special interest in educating all of their clients to become partners in the healing process through educating you about Chiropractic and other natural solutions to common health problems. They even have nutritional consulting! They want to motivate you to take a more active and responsible role in restoring and maintaining your own health. We at Title Nine love the holistic approach to self-care! And thanks Diversey Health for giving Bio-Freeze packets to the goodie bags and certificates to the winners!

What’s the most important piece of running (besides just getting out there and doing it!)? Your shoes of course! Salomon is here to show you how the right shoes for you can make the biggest difference in comfort, injury protection, grip, and even protection from the elements and a variety of terrain. They make amazing trail shoes, which makes sense, for they’ve made great hiking footwear for years! Stop by the booth and check out the demo’s and get some schwag (vendor-speak for “goodies”!). Salomon is generously providing a pair of shoes to each winner in our 8 prize categories! Thanks so much you guys!

ZICO coconut water is just what you need to rehydrate after the run! It’s loaded with five electrolytes: sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium and phosphorus. These work together to support your body with what it needs to stay hydrated and to help it perform at its best. ZICO contains as much potassium as a banana, which helps prevent cramping. Plus, ZICO is gluten-free, lactose-free and dairy-free. At ZICO, the mission is to promote coconut water as the best natural source for hydration, so you can get the go-get-em you need, naturally. Get your bottle of ZICO coconut water as you cross the finish line!

Cabot Cheese
An Expo booth with cheese and crackers from Cabot Creamery? You bet! Refuel your protein needs and treat your taste buds with samples of their award winning cheeses. Cabot Creamery is a1,200+ farm family dairy cooperative with members in New England and upstate NYproducing all natural cheeses and other dairy products, including the world’s best cheddar. Cabot Cheese is 100% owned by family farms. Because of this, they produce the highest quality dairy products, including the cheese that has been widely hailed as the world's best. Yum! Family owned. Natural. Cooperative. What’s not to like?

Wild Planet Foods
There is simply no better packaged fish products on the market with regards to your health and to the environment. Yes indeed, Wild Planet Foods can make this claim, for they employ the best environmentally sound fishing practices. And this ensures that what you’re eating is the highest in Omega 3’s and lowest in mercury. Read through their extensive website to see for yourself! Even better, go to the Wild Planet Foods booth at the Expo to sample the best packaged tuna, salmon and sardines you have ever tasted. What a great and tasty way to get your post-run protein! We are proud to have such a company so committed to our wonderful earth and to your health.

i heart keenwah
Keen..what? Quinoa is how itís spelled but keenwah is how itís pronounced. Local girl Sarah toured Bolivia and discovered the varied uses of this complete protein, healthy, gluten-free grain Ė and turned that discovery into tasty keenwah snacks. Chocolate Sea Salt quinoa? Ginger peanut quinoa? You bet! Those and other tasty flavors will satisfy the snack urge AND give you the health benefits of high protein, low sugar, and lots of those good old vitamins and minerals. Snacking is good for you! Go check out the i heart keenwah booth at the Expo and sample for yourself! www.iheartkeenwah.com

Chicago Moms RUN this Town A running club after our own heart! Moms RUN This Town (MRTT) is a running club for moms and has chapters nationwide. Their goal is to support and motivate women in their running journeys. It doesn't matter if you are a walker or a runner.... someone who has never raced before or a marathoner... a mom to humans or a mom to pets... They just want to surround you with like-minded women who have a passion for staying healthy!! Go check out the Chicago MRTT chapterís booth Ė which is also the Face Painting booth. Check out the national website to see if thereís a MRTT chapter near you. mosrunthistown.com

Chicago Goodie Bag - 2013

A huge thank you goes out to all of the amazing companies who felt inspired by YOU to generously donate lots of goodie bag loot to help celebrate this very special event and day! We like to get you, our runners, with the best of the best. If you are looking for where you can find more of the great stuff that you found in your goodie bag, have no fear, we have included a link to each company's website. Several of these companies have been with us for the entire Title 9K Series. Thanks partners! We are glad you are with us for our 3rd Annual Chicago Title 9K.

Peet's Coffee & Tea
Here’s a Bay Area, CA original! And we’re super glad they are in Chicago (and many other cities around the country). We totally dig Peet's enduring passion for coffee and their commitment to bring us the best cuppa joe morning, day or night. Seriously, many of us at all of our Title Nine locations are quite literally addicted to Peet's strong and smooth brew. Peet’s has always provided coffee for our volunteers as well, to make sure they are ready to go and help make your race awesome. Thanks to Peet’s for being a rePeet supporter of all the T9K’s. It’s the coffee we look forward to drinking, any time of day! Enjoy your packet of Peet’s!

Action Wipes
What to do if you don’t have the time or place to shower? Use an Action Wipe! These wonderfully soft “showers in a cloth” are pre-moistened, all natural body wipes made with a natural, fresh, aromatic scent, cleaning you up so you don't spend the day smelling like you just ran 12 miles. Therapeuticessential oils of tea tree and eucalyptus are used and combined with other all natural,plant derivedingredients which remove sweat, dirt & odor! Thanks, Action Wipes, for helping us to be fresh and clean after our Title 9K accomplishment! Both Action Wipes and Harbinger also generously contributed to the winner’s bags! Thanks so much!
www.actionwipes.com and www.harbingerfitness.com

Celestial Seasonings
These folks are the original Boulder original! Started waaay back in 1969, they have grown and grown into maybe the most famous tea company in the world! And here's a little something you may not have known...Celestial Seasonings is super supportive of an active lifestyle in general and women's health in particular. Sweet! They have been a huge supporter of our Title 9K Race Series for many, many years. Thanks! Check your goodie bag for a little heavenly goodness from these tea gurus.

We love LUNA! And LUNA loves you! LUNA uses 70% organic ingredients and is specially formulated for women by providing B vitamins, calcium, and iron, nutrients women tend to be deficient in because of our "on the go, and on demand" lifestyles! Best of all they're yummy, too!Check your goody bag for your sample treat and be sure check out all the flavors and products LUNA offers you busy women at

What do we do when our bodies just say no to wheat products? We turn to LÄRABAR. Founder Lara got the inspiration to make a truly whole foods bar from a hike in the Rockies. This little treat is a delicious blend of unsweetened fruits, nuts and spices - energy in its purest form. Each flavor contains no more than eight ingredients and each is gluten free, dairy free, soy free, vegan and kosher. That should pretty much take care of all your special dietary needs! Pure food tastes purely delicious! Get your Larabar after you complete having a great run at the Chicago T9K!

thinkThin® bars were created to travel well, taste great and provide the energy and satiation that sustains you exactly for your active, on-the-go lifestyle. These yummy bars were developed so that we could travel light with a product that is streamlined to high quality, high performance ingredients in an unusually delicious selection of flavors. There are – count ‘em – twelve flavors of their high protein bar! And all thinkThin® protein bars have been gluten free since the company started. We know you running women will enjoy the high protein and low sugar content of these delicious snacks. Find your generous 3 pack sample in your goodie bag!

Way Better Snacks
Way Better Snacks has every right to say this about themselves! They work hard to make sure all of their snacks are certified gluten free, kosher, vegan, non-GMO, and of course, organic. They use a few simple ingredients per snack chip: only whole foods and sprouted grains with no added fillers or preservatives. The result? Incredibly delicious and more nutritious than any other snack chip out there. You can try for yourself since there is a sample size in each goodie bag! Thanks Way Better Snacks for going the extra mile to make the food we can trust for its goodness and health!

Honey Stinger
Thanks for being in the bag, Honey Stinger! This Colorado based company makes convenient, nutritious and great tasting honey-based foods including energy bars, protein bars, energy gels, organic waffles and organic chews. Fueling some of the country's top cyclists, runners, triathaletes and teams, Honey Stinger products will fuel you as you run, bike, swim, dance, and play too! These simply yummy and nutritious foods may be found at specialty sporting goods retailers, natural food grocers and you can also find them on honestinger.com

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