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Title 9K Spokane - June 9, 2013

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The Start/Finish area is near the North Bank shelter in Riverfront Park. From here you will go south to connect with the Centennial Trail, go east, do a loop, continue east and up to Mission Park for the turn-around.  You will then head back west on the Riverfront Park trail, on the north side of the river and head straight back to the Start/Finish area at the North Bank shelter and Expo Area.

Spokane Course Map

Aid Stations & Potties

There will be a total of 2 clearly marked aid stations, one you will pass by twice and one will be at the turn-around.  You will have 3 chances to hydrate and snack if needed!  Aid stations will be stocked with water, sports drinks, sweet and salty snacks, first aid, cheering fans and other cool stuff. Of course, there's the famous and extra yummy Chocolate Station near the end!

There will be Porta-Potties at the Start/Finish and Expo area and at the turn-around at Mission Park.

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