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Title 9k - Bay Area, CA - August 28, 2011


A huge thank you to all of the amazing companies who felt inspired by YOU to generously donate lots of goodie bag treats to help celebrate this very special event and day!  If you are looking for where you can find more of the great stuff that you’ll find in your goodie bag, just look below. Thanks partners!


LUNA BarLove LUNA! And LUNA loves you! That's why they are a part of this year's Expo, too. Yippee! LUNA uses 70% organic ingredients and is specially formulated for women by providing B vitamins, calcium, and iron—all nutrients women tend to be deficient in because of our "on the go, and on demand" lifestyles! Best of all they're yummy, too! Check your goody bag for your full size treat and don't miss the Luna Experience Booth because they love chatting it up with their favorite gals!

Somersault Snack Co.
Somersault Snack Co.These crunchy snacks are scrumptious and good for you too!  Somersaults are scrumptious, healthy snacks baked with sunflower seeds and toasted grains.  They provide impactful, nut-free nutrition, offering the same protein as almonds yet with half the fat and fewer calories.  Sunflower seeds (the #1 ingredient) offer excellent benefits including a good source of vitamin e, antioxidants and potassium.


GUYeh, GU’s back with us for another year.  Not only will you be getting a GU treat on your goodie bag but you’ll be able to sip on some GU Brew out on the race course too!!  GU started with their GU Energy Gel and has continued to improve the recipe, incorporating the latest scientific research into its products such as GU Electrolyte Brew Roctane Ultra Endurance Energy Gel, Chomps Energy Chews and GU Recovery Brew. Every product is formulated to further GU’s mission: to help athletes go faster and longer than ever before.


Title 9k - Bay Area, CA
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