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8th annual Mother's Day Title 9k

Cheers to all of the great individuals and companies that are joining us at this year's Expo.  They are super excited about Mother's Day and are looking forward to the opportunity to support all of you!!  And we certainly couldn't do it without their help!  Thank you so much!  Can't wait to see you all there!

Mix1 | LUNA Bar  | Venus de Miles

Mix1We are so excited to have Mix1 join us this year!  Their all natural protein shake and lean performance shake will hit the spot after your run around the rez.  Mix1’s mission is to change people's lives by promoting athletic performance and overall health through all-natural products that deliver truly functional nutrition.  So enjoy some Mix1 and refuel your body and mind.  


Luna BarLUNA, LUNA, LUNA! Say it with me! This year they will be our Expo as well as putting a treat in your goodie bag. LUNA uses 70% organic ingredients and is specially formulated for women by providing B vitamins, calcium, and iron. And who can resist the taste of a LUNA Bar! Check your goody bag for your treat and don't miss the Luna Booth at the Expo.

Venus de Miles
Venus de MilesVenus de Miles is Colorado’s only women- only road bike ride.  Not only are they geared towards active and fun women ranging from 18 to ……., they also support Greenhouse Scholars and the collegiate dreams of Colorado’s youth.  Venus de Miles is back again this year to provide the ever popular Face Painting tent at the Expo!  Thanks for encouraging women to get out there and ride and thanks for bringing smiles to the kid’s faces with fun designs! 

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