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8th annual Mother's Day Title 9k

A huge thank you to all of the amazing companies who felt inspired by YOU to generously donate lots of goodie bag treats to help celebrate this very special event and day!  If you are looking for where you can find more of the great stuff that you’ll find in your goodie bag, just look below.
Thanks partners!

Bulumu  | Peet's Coffee & Tea  | LUNA Bar  |  Clif Kid's  |  Flex-Power  | Wellesse


BulumuFuel your passion.  Live your adventure.  So say the folks at Bulumu Granola.  And what does Bulumu stand for?  Buckle up, Love you, Miss you.  How cool is that?  Professional triathlete Jasmine Oeinck started handing out samples of her home made granola to her fellow athletes and Bulumu was born.  Bulumu has evolved to define the pursuit of passions and the encouragement of living life as an adventure.


Peet's Coffee & Tea
Peet's Coffee & TeaWe super excited to have Peetís partner with us again this year! And we send them a hearty congratulations on their 45th Anniversary!! This year they are not only providing all of you racers with some awesome brew, but they are also supplying our volunteers with their morning cup of coffee. So you could say, the race wouldnít happen without Peetís! Thanks to Peetís for being a rePeet supporter of the t9k.


Luna BarLUNA, LUNA, LUNA! Say it with me! This year they will be our Expo as well as putting a treat in your goodie bag. LUNA uses 70% organic ingredients and is specially formulated for women by providing B vitamins, calcium, and iron. And who can resist the taste of a LUNA Bar! Check your goody bag for your treat and don't miss the Luna Booth at the Expo.

Clif Kidís
Clif BarClif bars are not just for adults; Clif takes care of the whole family with their great tasting, and good for you energy snacks for the young and not so young. Each serving of Clif Kid organic twisted fruit is a full serving of fruit and their yummy Clif Kid Organic Zbar has all the good stuff and absolutely non of the bad! Weíre glad that we can have great tasting, all-natural ingredient snacks to give the kids Ė they deserve it after their efforts! Thanks, Clif for keeping our kids healthy!

Flex-PowersNEW! Flex-Power Active Woman. You get to try out the newer version of Flex-Power, made just for us gals. Itís great for those seeking a more natural alternative for pain relief. Flex-Power listened to insights from female athletes and formulated this muscle warm-up and recovery cream with active ingredient Arnica, as well as vitamins, green tea, aloe, glucosamine and MSM. Both regular and Active Woman Flex-Power are virtually odorless: you wonít smell like a locker room after rubbing in this smooth, soothing yet invigorating rub. Perfect to get you warmed up for the race Ė or to relieve your lovely running muscles afterwards!

WellesseWe all get a bit tired and achy from time to time—whether it's from that fun training run with your buddies to your busy, active life. Wellesse is dedicated to providing premium nutritional supplements that support health and wellness. They specialize in liquid supplements that our good for our bodies and good for our health. It's sometimes just a whole lot nicer to sip the tasty liquid vitamin than to swallow that pill to get our vitamin needs! And we women could certainly use that extra calcium and vitamin D now and then!


Post Race Drink

A Huge Thank You to our buddies at Mix1!  You’ll be treated to a bottle of one of their protein drinks as you cross the finish.  And be sure to visit their booth at the Expo to taste more of their flavors and learn more about how good food choices mean better workouts!



Winner’s Bags

Our top three women, fastest mother with baby jogger, fastest mother-child team, fastest girl under 18, fastest boy under 18, and the top three stories will receive the Classic Timbuk2 Messenger bag, filled with surprises!  Thanks Timbuk2 for your awesome bags!!


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