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4-reasons Sports Bra
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4-reasons Sports Bra
Chances are, if you love your sports bra, it was designed by our friend, Audrey. She is THE boob whisperer and now she's made improvements to a perennial favorite, the 3-Reasons. Yes, the 4-Reasons is infinitely adjustable and customizable, marrying firm support with comfortable wearability. Yes, it has the support to hold those C-DD'S comfortably in place. Yes, she's added even more ventilation and wicking to keep our girls cool and dry. AND, now the wide elastic chest band is constructed with a plush channeling elastic that NEVER rolls. Wicking blend of nylon/poly/spandex. 32-40 C-DD
Tenisha's Bra Review

Tenisha's Pick · 34D

I love this bra because it holds the girls in place and is the best wicking bra by far—and I am a big sweat-er.

4-reasons Sports Bra  #312700
Was: $49.00   Now: $34.00
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