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    Swivel Sandal
    Was: $100.00
    Now: $79.00
    Guide Girl Sandal
    Was: $100.00
    Now: $79.00
    Identity Jane
    Was: $79.00
    Now: $69.00
    Baltic/caribbean sea
    Toe-Tector Sandal
    We've all done it: tromping along the riverbed when, WHAM, we're taken a stubbed toe. We're anti-smashed toes and pro-not cursing in public. With a built-in toe protector, the Toe-tector has got us covered. Quick-drying poly upper teams with quick-draw elastic cord lacing system for all-day custom comfort. Catalog/web only. 5-10.
    Toe-Tector Sandal  #909847
    Was: $90.00   Now: $63.00
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