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Hike while wearing women's wool sweaters, winter vests, women's winter pants and snow boots from Title 9. Our warm pants and other warm clothes are the antidote to chilly weather hiking. Gear up in snow boots and other women's winter clothes and head out on the Pacific Crest Trail or through the Ozarks. For more cold weather gear, consider other carefully crafted outdoor clothes that give maximum comfort when things start to get messy on wintery trails.

Over women's wool sweaters, layer a lightweight insulated vest that features 360-degree reflectivity so you can be seen easily on dark hiking trails. Under warm pants, wear our outdoor leggings for an itch-free and odor-free baselayer. Trek the outdoors in snow boots and don't forget a winter hat, such as a hat that stays warm even when it gets wet. Go hiking in our cold weather gear whether you're exploring Old Speck Trail in the Appalachian Mountains or backpacking through Bryce Canyon.

Suit up women's wool sweaters before a fall or winter hike. Look for warm pants crafted from abrasion-resistant stretch materials.

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Layer on women's wool sweaters for a hike through Iceland’s popular Laugavegurinn Trail.

Bundle up in women's wool sweaters from Title 9 and hit the hiking trail for a fun autumn or winter adventure. Wear our warm pants, skin-soothing sweaters, winter coats, cozy socks and women's hats while exploring trails on and off the beaten path. You'll need snow boots for hiking through many winter routes. Our cold weather gear is durable but lightweight, giving you more freedom of movement through your journeys.

Our women's wool sweaters and other women's winter clothes will keep you warm and dry as you hike this fall and winter. Suit up in winter warm pants and then head off to hike through Deer Mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. Put on dependable snow boots for a hike through a Canadian winter trail. Dress in practical cold weather gear for a fall hike through stunning Bryce Canyon in southern Utah.

Browse for women's wool sweaters from Title 9 if you're planning a hiking trip through a scenic spot in the U.S., Canada or Europe. Look for warm pants that will keep legs cozy through a hike into Iceland’s Laugavegurinn Trail. You may need snow boots for this trek, too, and brush up on your Danish and Norwegian because this trail is a very popular hike. Layer on cold weather gear that adds warmth without chafing or itching.

Pull on women's wool sweaters before trekking into the Seven Hollows Trail in Arkansas. You may still need warm pants for a fall or winter hike through the Ozarks, which can get chilly at night. Consider snow boots if you're going to hike Mount Hood in Oregon or head into the Cascades. Gear up in cold weather gear for hiking Sequoia National Park, and snap photos of the winter wildlife and wildflowers.
Products 37 - 48 of 69