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Fauna Underwire Bra Fauna Underwire Bra Fauna Underwire Bra Fauna Underwire Bra Fauna Underwire Bra
Fauna Underwire Bra
Fauna Underwire Bra Fauna Underwire Bras & Women's Demi Bras Underwire Bras, Everyday Bras & Casual Bras Wear these underwire bras everywhere, from work to running errands to traveling. Our everyday bras include B cup bras and C cup bras that are created with dainty detailing for cute, comfortable bras. $54 $9 View Details

Fauna Underwire Bra

Take along these underwire bras for everyday adventures and trips around the world. These everyday bras are designed for maximum comfort and support – while looking cute. Our C cup bras and other cup sizes have all the right details, from adjustable straps to cups that shape and lift for the perfect first layer. The best bras, our B cup bras are delicate perfections that layer under your favorite tees and tops.

These underwire bras are fierce supporters of your every move – while looking cute doing it. Our everyday bras combine dainty details with high performance design.

Fauna Underwire Bra, #309317
$54 $9
Size & Fit Guide
A magical trio of bras that transform our workday bra line-up from mundane to magnificent. Each one is carefully conceived by a team of French designers. Each one has a fit that makes it a stalwart standby. And each one has its own special alchemy that only the French can deliver. Demi cup, contoured for shape, modesty. Underwire. Adjustable straps, back close. Fauna Bra converts to cross-back. 32-36 B, C

These underwire bras offer added support while showing off all the right dainty details.

Our underwire bras may look dainty, but they are all brawn when it comes to holding up. We make sure our everyday bras have delicate flourishes, like floral embroidery or lacy touches, but don't be fooled. These cute C and B cup bras don't give up even when you're going from sunrise to well past sunset. Our B cup and everyday C cup bras join strength and beauty for the best bras.

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