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Women's hiking boots and hiking clothes from Title 9 will give you a leg up during your many hiking adventures. These rugged women's hiking pants, tee shirts, women's athletic shoes and insulated vests are designed for comfort, mile after mile. Look for trail shoes with waterproof mesh panels, moisture-wicking liners and waterproof outersoles. With our breathable hiking clothing and hiking shoes, you'll make great time up hills, through dense woods and humid swampy areas, and don't pass up vital hiking gear such as hiking backpacks.

Blaze your path in women's hiking boots with well-cushioned footbeds and soles with exceptional traction for no-slip trips. Our lightweight hiking pants are ideal for hiking the Appalachians or slip into these versatile and cute hiking pants if you're just popping around the corner for coffee. For trail shoes, consider women's trail shoes with a bellowed tongue that will help keep debris from sneaking inside, even when you're stomping through the muddiest, mossiest or dustiest trails. These hiking clothing must-haves boast extras you want like drawstring waists and handwarmer pockets.

Wear our women's hiking boots as you tackle the Pacific Crest Trail or explore urban hills. Slip on versatile hiking pants for comfy weekend wear at home.

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Our women's hiking boots, women's vests, hoody jackets and other hiking clothes won't weigh you down no matter where you journey.

For comfortable women's hiking boots, trail shoes, long sleeve hiking shirts and insulated vests, explore the top-quality women's hiking clothes at Title 9. Whether you need hiking pants and other women's hiking clothes for short climbs within the city limits or long hikes down the PCT, we've got you covered. Hikers know that solid trail shoes are the first smart step on any journey. Our no-fuss athletic pants and shoes are carefully crafted from hardworking materials that will last.

We have women's hiking boots in an array of sizes, and these women's boots for hiking can feature special design touches to help you conquer low-lying areas and higher ground. Look for hiking pants with easy-fit relaxed designs. Our trail shoes for hiking can boast Vibram® outsoles that deliver excellent traction through rivers, swamps, and over slippery rocks. High function hiking clothing and shoes, this essential women's hiking clothing is made from lightweight but breathable materials such as merino wool, nylon, spandex, warming Sherpa fleece and leather and suede.

Stock up on best hiking boots from Title 9 and then plan your personal hiking adventures. Wear our hiking pants, hiking boots, tee shirts and insulated vests as you take on short but steep local hills. For longer journeys, our casual hiking shorts, trail shoes, and other hiking clothes are the right choice, from adventures through the Appalachian Mountains to hikes through the Grand Canyon. Browse our high performance hiking clothing if you're planning an excursion through Idaho's Centennial Trail, Indiana's Knobstone Trail or Twin Falls on the North Shore of Maui.

Mile after mile, our women's hiking boots repel moisture to keep feet dry, and many of our hiking shoes for women feature waterproof mesh panels. Look for cargo hiking pants that offer plenty of pockets for a GPS, map, snacks, iodine tablets and a water bottle. Rugged trail shoes and hiking clothes, our hiking vests, hiking shoes, athletic jackets and long sleeve shirts won't weigh down your adventurous spirit. Wear these hiking clothing essentials as you explore the trails less traveled and stumble across natural wonders rarely seen by other hikers.
Products 1 - 12 of 42