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The sun protection clothing from Title 9 is carefully designed to fit and feel as good as it performs. All our women's UPF clothing, from our UPF bathing suits to our board shorts, improves greatly on the outdoor clothes you wore as a hard-playing girl with high-tech fabrics that never restrict your movements. Because our UV clothing has been carefully designed for women who demand a lot from their clothing, you're more comfortable staying outside playing in the water longer. Tip to tail, our UPF swimsuits, women's swim shirts and other beach clothing is made to ensure you don't ever have to head home until you're good and ready.

At its core, our sun protection clothing keeps you in full view of all your options, so you can kayak longer, swim farther and lounge later. With our women's UPF clothing, you can sport your athletic bikini tops until you want more coverage; then, simply pull one of our women's swim shirts over your head without ever needing to leave your towel. Because our UV clothing is always on the job, you can wear it when you're building a giant, all-day sand castle or when you're refereeing a weekend beach volleyball tournament. Sun lovers choose our UPF swimsuits, so they don't have to miss out on a minute of fun.

Try our sun protection clothing when you're set to enjoy the sun and surf. Each piece of women's UPF clothing provides coverage that's quick and easy.

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With our sun protection clothing, you can embark on the sunniest of adventures.

All the sun protection clothing from Title 9 takes the guesswork out of what to wear for summer fun. Our women's UPF clothing lets you have more fun with athletic swim shirts and other beach clothing that won't hamper your movements. This UV clothing lets your skin off the hook by wicking moisture away, so you can enjoy running, cycling, and swimming for longer periods of time. From UPF swimsuits to women's travel clothes, find the attire you need for any outdoor adventure.

When it comes to sun protection clothing, more coverage isn't necessarily better – especially if your beach clothing isn't as conducive to movement as our women's swim shirts and UPF bathing suits are. With our women's UPF clothing you get much more than just protection from the elements. Our UV clothing helps you swim faster, paddle harder and surf longer, so your time in the sun is exactly what you want it to be. Let our athletic swimwear keep you covered every time you head into the water, throughout race days and training days to carefree days with family and friends.

The sun protection clothing from Title 9 doesn't just offer better coverage; our clothes also make getting and being wet more enjoyable. With our UPF swimwear, from our cute swim shirts to our UPF bathing suits, soft fabric blends ensure your skin stays safer from stinging salt, wind and rash. Each piece of UV clothing goes beyond these comfort measures, too, by featuring flattering cuts, colors and prints that you can wear from the beach to a friend's backyard barbecue. Whether you need UPF swimsuits or aquatic tights, we have the beach clothing and water wear you're looking for.

With our sun protection clothing, you can bask in the day's light and tackle anything on your plate, from kite surfing and beachcombing to sailing and digging for clams. Our athletic swimwear wicks away moisture, so you can move more quickly in the water and you can dry more quickly on land. All our UV clothing also includes lovely little details like side shirring that allows for adjustable shirt lengths and infinite drawstrings for shorts and pants that always stay put. Slip into our UPF swimwear and beach clothing whenever you need your time in the sunshine to be easy, practical and comfortable.
Products 1 - 12 of 136