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Product 0: Cinch Lock
Cinch Lock
No ride-thru available and no buddy to watch your bike? The Cinch is there in a pinch. Stronger than a traditional cable lock, lighter than a U-lock, easily stashed in a pocket for all our “be there when I get back, okay?” needs. Also great for outdoor enthusiasts who want their gear to stay theirs. Made from three layers of stainless steel layers and four layers of Kevlar reinforcement. 30" length accommodates locking frame and a wheel, or two bikes to each other. By OTTOLOCK.
Product 1: Hybrid Camp Kettle
Hybrid Camp Kettle
Stainless Steel
This hybrid boils like a pot, pours like a kettle, and keeps us happily full anywhere we make camp. The KettlePot feeds up to 4—or at least 2 hungry T9ers. By BioLite.

NITTY GRITTY: For use with the Power Stove, sold separately. Includes kettle top, cooking pot, serving bowl and stuff sack. 1.5 L capacity. 5.2" diameter, 10.2" tall, 465 grams.
Product 2: Canney Snowshoes
Canney Snowshoes
Oxblood Red
Five years ago, Sarah Canney bought her first pair of our Start Now snowshoes, and now she’s made her way to the US national team. We think she’s earned a namesake shoe of her own. Start on your own snowshoe journey with this ultimate entry-level-with-room-to-grow snowshoe. The Canney is lightweight and easy to use, with quick-entry bindings, carbon teeth and a lifetime guarantee for a lifetime of adventure. By Atlas. One size.

NITTY GRITTY: Length: 27". Surface area: 176 sq in. Weight: 4.08 lbs. Load capacity: 120-200 lbs.
Product 3: Spotlight
Green Dots
Magenta Dot
Purple Dot
We use these by the truckload for all those low-light times when we need a spotlight on Spot, our bike, our jacket, our kids, our pack. Two modes: glow and flash. Replaceable battery. 1¼" diameter. Weight: ½ oz. By Nite Ize. Only @ T9.
Product 4: Power Stove
Power Stove
This campstove has the power—fire power and charging power, that is. Built-in fan helps create a smokeless fire that can cook meals and boil water in minutes while converting the heat into usable electricity. 5"x7.9" packed, just over 2 lbs.

NITTY GRITTY: Includes stove, 100 lumen USB-powered FlexLight, stuff sack, firestarters, USB cord. Boils 1 L in less than 5 min. Four fan speeds. 2600 mAh battery. Micro USB charge-in, USB charge out. 5V, 2A USB output.
Product 5: Seven-Night Rechargeable Lantern
Seven-Night Rechargeable Lantern
And on the seventh night at camp, there was still light—up to 150 hours of it. Magnetic lanyard takes it from tabletop light to lantern and back with ease. Hang it in the tent, pull it down for that late-night biffy trip, then snap it back into place. Keeps night vision sharp with blue ‘moonlight’ LED option. ​​​​​​​Water-resistant. By UCO.
Product 6: Trek Power Bank
Trek Power Bank
From the backcountry to our commuter backpack, this power bank has our battery’s backs. The specially sealed stainless steel case is dunk proof, spill proof and splash proof. 5200 mAh power supply can charge up to 2 full phones or one tablet to half-charge. 5200mAh/3.6V battery. 4/5"x1 1/2"x4". 5.8oz.
Product 7: Light-It-Up Lantern Trio
Light-It-Up Lantern Trio
Life doesn’t stop when the sun goes down, so we light it up with these pint-sized inflatable solar lanterns. When the sun sets, light it up. Includes three lanterns. By MPOWERD. Each: 5"x4¼".

NITTY GRITTY: Battery level indicator. Up to 150 lumens. 4 unique hues + color cycle mode: violet, sky, coral, mint. Waterproof. And yup, it floats.
Product 8: Light-It-Up Charge Lantern
Light-It-Up Charge Lantern
Life doesn’t stop when the sun goes down, so we light it up with this inflatable solar lantern. As little as 2 hours of solar-charging gives you up to 50 hours of light. So, whether you need to study on, camp out or party on, when the sun sets, light it up. And the plus? A two-way USB port for charging. By MPOWERD. 5"x4¼".

NITTY GRITTY: USB port for two-way mobile charging (includes USB cord). Battery level indicator. Tops up most smartphones 30-50%. Up to 150 lumens. 4 modes: low, medium, high, 1 sec flashing. Waterproof. And yup, it floats.
Product 9: Solar SunLight
Solar SunLight
A pocketful of sunshine we take everywhere. The size of a Klondike bar (but don't eat it), even more portable and brighter than it's AAA-powered counterparts. Up to 50 hours of 100 lumens of light per charge. 3.4 oz (95 g) 3.35"x3.39"x0.91".

NITTY GRITTY: Water resistant and dimmable. White, color and 'party' light modes. Adjustable kickstand with clip. Analog sundial. Charges in 2 hours via USB or 7 hours via built-in solar panel.
Product 10: Title Nine e-Gift Card
Title Nine e-Gift Card
Title Nine
Happy Everything
Adventure Awaits
Take It Outside
$10 - $500
The only gift where you choose the size and it'll fit any recipient. Our e-gift cards make it easy for her to get exactly what she really wants.

Let us know what dollar amount you'd like to send, choose a theme, add a personal note if you like, and we'll email it straight to her within 24 hours.

Note: E-Gift cards are redeemable on the web, in our retail stores or over the phone.

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Product 11: Title Nine Gift Card
Title Nine Gift Card
Title Nine
Adventure Awaits
$10 - $500
No idea what to buy the sporty woman in your life? No worries, that's why we have Title Nine gift cards. You don't need to know her favorite colors or risk guessing the wrong size (yikes!). Just choose what dollar amount you'd like to send and we'll take care of the rest. We can either send the gift card to you, or you can fill in her Ship To address during checkout and we'll send it directly to the giftee. And you don't have to worry about gift wrap. Our gift cards will arrive in a nice envelope with a card. She can use her gift card to shop here on the web, in our retail stores or over the phone.

Note: Gift cards are not discountable. Gift wrapping is not available for this item.

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