Sports Bra Sizing & Bra Size Calculator

Bra Size Calculator & Sports Bra Sizing

Wondering about sports bra sizing and how to measure bra size options? Our sports bra size calculator makes crunching the numbers easy when you need to know how to fit a bra. Just use our bra calculator below to see how to measure your bra size.

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All it takes is three quick measurements! Need more detailed directions? Everything is explained below.

How To Measure

We've done our best to take out the guesswork and make finding your cup-band bra size simple. Push-ups and padding can skew things, so pull on a shelf bra camisole or your best fitting everyday bra.

Step 1: Measure around your chest, just under the arms and above the bust. Make sure that the tape measure is taut and is straight across your back, but not tight, or that could result in a squeeze later. Breathe out, relax your shoulders. We'll get through this together. If the measurement is an odd number or a half size, round it up to the next even number (for example, 33 will actually be 34). This number is known as your band size. Unsure you've got it right? Take a seat - our chests expand some when seated.

Step 2: Now it's time to measure your cup size. Measure around the fullest point of your bust. This could be at the nipple, but everyone's body is different. This will be one of two measurements that you need to determine your cup size.

Step 3: For the final measurement, measure just under the bust around your ribcage.

Got the measurements? Good. It's time to calculate your bra size.

What you should know
  • Women can experience upwards of nine major bra size changes in their lives, so it's a good idea to get sized at least once a year.
  • Whether you're shopping for an everyday bra or a sports bra, the size you wear is the same in both. No need to size down for more support!
  • Bras do eventually get worse for the wear due to all that washing. It's important for your girls that no sports bra ever celebrate a birthday!

Buying a sports bra and not sure where to begin? Our Sports Bra FAQ can help.

Bra Size Calculator & Sports Bra Sizing

Wondering what bra size you are? Title Nine's bra size calculator has you covered. T9 will help you learn about sports bra sizing and how to measure for the right comfort and fit. From AA to DDD Title Nine's bra size calculator will help you find the right bra that will have you feeling strong and confident throughout the day. Check out T9's bra fitting guide to help find the right fitting sports bra to keep you in the game.