Women's Hoodies and Sweatshirts
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Women's Hoodies and Sweatshirts

Manresa Hoodie - Solid Manresa Hoodie - Solid
Joyride Hoodie Joyride Hoodie
Flicker Hoodie Flicker Hoodie
Tapasol Sun Hoodie Tapasol Sun Hoodie
Vital 2.0 Hoodie Vital 2.0 Hoodie
Elemental Hoodie Elemental Hoodie
La Exploradora 1/2 Zip Windbreaker La Exploradora 1/2 Zip Windbreaker
Lightweight Synchilla Snap-T Fleece Pullover Lightweight Synchilla Snap-T Fleece Pullover
Manresa Hoodie - Ginkgo Manresa Hoodie - Ginkgo
$99 $79 - $99
Ahnya Full-Zip Hoodie Ahnya Full-Zip Hoodie
La Exploradora Fleece Jacket La Exploradora Fleece Jacket
Correr Fleece Pullover Correr Fleece Pullover
Bonfire Full-Zip Hoodie Bonfire Full-Zip Hoodie
Sunshade 1/4 Zip Hoodie - Ibiza Sunshade 1/4 Zip Hoodie - Ibiza
Small Batch Fleece Pullover Small Batch Fleece Pullover
$129 $79 - $129
Must-Have Hoodie Must-Have Hoodie
Retro Pile Jacket Retro Pile Jacket
Soleil Hoodie Soleil Hoodie
Los Gatos Hooded Fleece Pullover Los Gatos Hooded Fleece Pullover
Black Heart 1/4 Zip Sweater Black Heart 1/4 Zip Sweater
Cragmatic Hoodie Cragmatic Hoodie
$140 $109 - $140
Coveted Fleece Hoodie Coveted Fleece Hoodie
Price reduced from $99 to $79
Vitality Jacket - Solid Vitality Jacket - Solid
Price reduced from $99 to $59
Hibernation Hoodie Pullover Hibernation Hoodie Pullover
$95 $74 - $79
Small Wonder Snap Fleece Pullover Small Wonder Snap Fleece Pullover
$146 $79 - $89
Crash 2.0 Polartec® Jacket Crash 2.0 Polartec® Jacket
Price reduced from $149 to $89
Ceres Pullover Ceres Pullover
Price reduced from $129 to $69
Annapurna 2.0 Fleece Jacket Annapurna 2.0 Fleece Jacket
Price reduced from $149 to $55
Besta Fleece Jacket Besta Fleece Jacket
Price reduced from $159 to $95
Daily Tunic Daily Tunic
Price reduced from $139 to $89
Benitoite High Low Jacket Benitoite High Low Jacket
Price reduced from $135 to $105
Mover Maker Sweater Mover Maker Sweater
Price reduced from $149 to $119
Bristow Fleece Pullover Bristow Fleece Pullover
Price reduced from $140 to $109
Alpine Air Polartec® Hoodie Alpine Air Polartec® Hoodie
Price reduced from $159 to $119
Mirage Fleece Jacket Mirage Fleece Jacket
Price reduced from $100 to $69

Women's hoodies and sweatshirts that keep us moving when the temps get cool.

Ready for cool-weather runs, pre-workout warm-ups, and rest-day stretch sessions, Title Nine’s collection of women's hoodies and sweatshirts is ready for anything. With styles that include pullover, zip-up, v-neck, and quarter-zip, our active sweatshirts and athletic hoodies are designed to provide just the right combination of warmth, comfort, fit, and style.

What types of activities would you recommend these hoodies for?

Our women's athletic hoodie styles are just as versatile as we are—so whether you’re looking for a cropped long sleeve hoodie as a layer to throw over a swimsuit, or a cozy fleece jacket for snowy adventures, Title Nine has all the active hoodies and sweatshirts women need to keep moving year-round.
Looking to keep warm in the snow? Consider a performance fleece sweatshirt midlayer that fits like a long sleeve top but packs the warmth of a fuzzy fleece.
Want built-in all-day sun protection? Enter summertime pullover hoodie sun shirts—look for lightweight, breathable fabrics that give you an extra layer of warmth and sun protection. Bonus points for UPF 50 fabrics.
Need a BFF in hoodie form? Women need at least one hoodie or sweatshirt that's their go-to apparel piece—the one essential piece of clothing that gets thrown in the back of your car, stuck in the gym bag for your next cold-weather sportswear need, or even tossed in your purse for when the AC is sub-zero. Whatever your hoodie BFF is—whether it's half-zip, quarter-zip, or full zip; pullover, v-neck, or crewneck—you'll find it in Title Nine's collection of active hoodies and sweatshirts for women.

Is a full zip hoodie the best for layering?

Zip-front hoodies and sweatshirts give women the most options from both a layering perspective and that all-important temp control. A zip-front sweatshirt makes it easy to take on and off, even mid-workout, while the ability to control our ventilation down to the inch makes a zip-up hoodie a great choice for women for any active adventure.
But there’s plenty of room in our hearts (and in our closets) for the ultimate in cozy comfort—the pullover hoodie or crewneck sweatshirt. Warm, cozy, with plenty of space for a kangaroo pocket, pullover hoodies are perfect for chilly days when staying warm is our top priority. Size it up for an oversized sweatshirt feel that's the perfect piece of clothing for cooldowns, chilly gyms, and any sport that doesn't break a sweat. Add a drawstring hood or thumbhole sleeve detail for an extra boost of warmth.
Want the best of both worlds? Try a half-zip hooded sweatshirt for a feel that’s perfectly in between—the coziness of a pullover with the flexibility of a full zip.

Can I dress up these sweatshirts and wear them casually?

Hoodies have cemented their place in fashion—they’re one of the most versatile pieces you can own. Throw on an oversized hoodie with leggings & tights or joggers for a weekend at the beach that's as relaxing or as adventurous as you want to make it, or layer in between a nicer top and lightweight jacket and pair with jeans or pants for a casual but work-ready outfit that’s ready for anything.