Women's Tunics & Long Tops

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Women's Tunics & Long Tops

Manresa Hoodie - Solid Manresa Hoodie - Solid
Manresa Hoodie - Solid: New Color Badge
Manresa Hoodie - Horizon Stripe Manresa Hoodie - Horizon Stripe
Manresa Hoodie - Horizon Stripe: New Badge
Small Batch Fleece Pullover Small Batch Fleece Pullover
Daily Tunic Daily Tunic
Annapurna Fleece Dress Annapurna Fleece Dress
Elsa Insulated Vest Elsa Insulated Vest
$249 $199 - $249
25th Hour Tunic 25th Hour Tunic
Small Batch Fleece Dress Small Batch Fleece Dress
Annapurna Reversible Fleece Jacket Annapurna Reversible Fleece Jacket
Mover Maker 2.0 Tunic Sweater Mover Maker 2.0 Tunic Sweater
Speed Racer Tunic - Textured Speed Racer Tunic - Textured
Blocker Hoodie Dress Blocker Hoodie Dress
Warmup Fleece Swacket Warmup Fleece Swacket
Price reduced from $139 to $89
Mighty Hoodie Pullover Mighty Hoodie Pullover
Price reduced from $119 to $79
Plaiditude Droptail Shirt Plaiditude Droptail Shirt
Price reduced from $90 to $59
Everlasting 2.0 Sweater Tunic Everlasting 2.0 Sweater Tunic
Price reduced from $199 to $99
Universal Crew Neck Tunic Universal Crew Neck Tunic
Price reduced from $89 to $55
Most Wanted Tunic - Desert Path Most Wanted Tunic - Desert Path
Price reduced from $119 to $85
Tailgate Hoodie Tailgate Hoodie
Price reduced from $119 to $95
All Hours Fleece Pullover All Hours Fleece Pullover
Price reduced from $89 to $69
Fortuitous Down Vest Dress Fortuitous Down Vest Dress
Price reduced from $220 to $175

Tunic Tops for Women

Our performance womens tunics and tunic tops for women are the nimble navigators of our everyday lives. Navigating across seasons and time zones without a wrinkle to show for it. Even navigating our jam-packed schedule by eliminating dressing guesswork. Simply put, Title Nine's performance womens tunics keep up with our every move and every adventure. Shredding waves or shredding powder on backcountry lines, we can throw on our favorite tunic top and we're good to go all day. That's because all our tunics are infused with high performance blends for maximum comfort and durability. So whether we need a travel-ready tunic shirt that shakes out in a jiffy or a pullover tunic for all our pre and post-sport sessions, Title Nine has us covered.

Our long sleeve, short sleeve, and sleeveless womens tunics come in a bunch of different styles and fabrics. Need a rugged knit top with a high neck? Check out our dense knit tunics and tunic sweaters made from ultra-fine Merino wool/poly. Looking for a tunic hoodie that doubles as a swim coverup? We've got tunics for women with UPF 30 and above for added skincare protection. No matter what we're searching for in a tunic top, Title Nine has the right fit and style for every adventurista. Check out our new tunic tops for new crew neck, scoop neck, and cowl neck tunic sweaters, along with new pattern and print tunics. Can't seem to find the perfect tunic? Our T9 gals over at customer service are up for the challenge. Give us a call or visit a Title Nine store and we'll help you find the adventure-ready tunic that meets your demands!