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Lehua Bikini Bottom - Kanoko Shibori Lehua Bikini Bottom - Kanoko Shibori
Tidal Reversible Bikini Bottom - Jardin Tidal Reversible Bikini Bottom - Jardin
Holy Grail Bikini Bottom - Solid Holy Grail Bikini Bottom - Solid
$49 $15 - $49
Lehua Bikini Bottom - Solid Lehua Bikini Bottom - Solid
$52 $15 - $52
Hilo Bikini Bottom - Solid Hilo Bikini Bottom - Solid
Streamline High Waisted Bikini Bottom - Solid Streamline High Waisted Bikini Bottom - Solid
$59 $15 - $59
Naiad Bikini Bottom - Solid Naiad Bikini Bottom - Solid
$54 $15 - $29
Streamline High Waisted Bikini Bottom - Barrier Reef Streamline High Waisted Bikini Bottom - Barrier Reef
Price reduced from $65 to $15
Tidal Reversible Bikini Bottom - Alta Tidal Reversible Bikini Bottom - Alta
Price reduced from $56 to $45

Active Bikini Swim Bottoms for Active Women

Cheeky, skimpy, barely there bikini bottoms be damned—we need swimsuit options made for an active and athletic life. Whether we're chasing big waves or wayward frisbees, we demand swim bottoms that move with us, not against us. From mid rise classic bikinis to high waisted swim bottoms with max coverage, Title Nine swim bottoms and swimwear are engineered for performance. Made for fast action? Yep. Adjustable drawstring for stay-put sports coverage? We've got the best swimsuit bottoms for that. Say goodbye to saggy, unflattering fits and hello to Title Nine's swim, designed for women who don't stop—won't stop—moving.


How do I choose a bikini bottom?

Womens bikini bottoms come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, to fit every shape, style and activity. Whether you’re looking for a high-waisted bikini, or low-rise reversible classic bikini bottoms, our collection of stay-put swimsuit bottoms is here for it. But how do you snag the right swimsuit bottoms, swim shorts, or swim skirts for you? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there, too:
- Activity Level: While all of T9’s bikinis, bottoms, and tops, are made for women on the move, some styles are specifically built for adventure. Super active? Look for seamless construction, UPF rated fabrics, and high-cut, high waist, full-coverage bottoms to keep your day going smoothly, no matter the bumps in the road (or on the wave). Chill days by the pool planned? Go for low-rise, cheeky bikini cuts that deliver on sass with stay-put coverage.
- Features: Look for features dialed into your needs—an adjustable, hidden drawstring tie and seamless construction deliver on function, while ruched side paneling or cheeky rear detailing put the fun in functional.
- Coverage: Your level of coverage is really up to you and what makes you feel the most comfortable—whether you’re looking for low-rise bikini bottoms for women that stay put through epic wipeouts or high waist boyshort bottoms that flatter and fit just right, choosing a bikini bottom made for your body (and your booty) is easy to do with Title Nine’s collection of bikini bottoms ready for real life.


How are bikini bottoms supposed to fit?

Bikini bottoms, like the rest of your swimwear, should have a snug fit on dry land, without being so tight that you're uncomfortable, have spillover, or leave red marks on your skin. Women's swimsuit bottom sizing can differ by style, so it’s key to pull out the tape measure and get your current measurements to find the best size bikini for you. Once you’ve got measurements in hand, check out the size chart on each bikini bottoms’ style page to match your measurements to sizes for the best fit. Still not sure what size swim bottom is for you? Grab a few bottoms, try them on and take them for a test drive—Title Nine’s 360° Guarantee means you can return at any time in the next year, no questions asked. Looking for more info on how to find the perfect swimsuit fit? Check out our Swim Fit Guide.


Do bikini bottoms stretch?

Nothing’s worse than a saggy rear—that’s why high-quality swim fabric, like Title Nine’s SurFlex, is key to swim bottoms that stay put. But even the best swimsuit bottoms stretch slightly when they get wet. Look for a firm, slightly compressive fit on dry land, so your bikinis bottom stays put when the waves get rough.


What do you wear under a bikini bottom?

Zilch, nada, nothing. Quality bikini bottoms are fully lined and made to give women the coverage they need, on dry land or in the water. In fact, wearing underwear (or anything else) under your bikini bottom can really put a damper on beach day. Why? Well, for one thing, women's underwear isn’t built to get wet. In addition to bagging and sagging, wet underwear takes a long time to dry. And soggy bottoms aren’t fun (or good for you).


What kind of activities require an athletic bikini bottom?

Whether you’re chasing waves or chasing toddlers, athletic bikini bottoms give women the confidence to move, stretch, surf, and dive, without worrying about your suit. When should you make sure you reach for an athletic bikini bottom?
-When you’re in and out of the water. Whether you’re doing cannonballs or riding waves, coming in and out of the water is prime time for float-away suit slip-ups. Make sure your bottoms stay put by grabbing a well-fitting athletic bikini bottom for women with stay-put features like adjustable drawstrings.
- When you’re participating in competitive sports. Maybe it goes without saying, but athletic bathing suit bottoms are a must for racing, beach volleyball tournaments, or surfing competitions, whatever the level.
- When you just can’t stay put. Not a poolside lounger? Neither are we. From pick-up frisbee games to double-dog-dare cliff dives, if you’re on the move, you need athletic bikini bottoms for women.
Want bikini tops, tankini tops, or bra sized underwire bikini tops that can keep up with your athletic bikini bottoms? Mix and match a solid color swimsuit with a swimsuit print, or check out our one piece swimsuits.