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When T9 first met Toad&Co, it was work-love at work-sight. We were making tough stuff for tough women, and they were doing something tough too: pursuing sustainability no matter how high the cost. 20 years later we're still all-in, partnered to create great gear and take great responsibility. Get the whole story on our blog.

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Hibernation 1/4 Zip Dress Hibernation 1/4 Zip Dress
Hibernation Hoodie Dress Hibernation Hoodie Dress
Hibernation Heavyweight Terry Hoodie Hibernation Heavyweight Terry Hoodie
Hibernation Heavyweight Terry Joggers Hibernation Heavyweight Terry Joggers
Hibernation Hoodie Pullover Hibernation Hoodie Pullover
Hibernation Joggers Hibernation Joggers
Bristow Fleece Pullover Bristow Fleece Pullover
The Stevie Sweater The Stevie Sweater
Miraculous Pants Miraculous Pants
Amelia Short Sleeve Dress Amelia Short Sleeve Dress
$88 $75 - $88
Maverick Pocket Tee Maverick Pocket Tee
Samba V Neck Long Sleeve Samba V Neck Long Sleeve
Plaiditude Heavyweight Flannel Shirt Plaiditude Heavyweight Flannel Shirt
Aviatrix Long Sleeve V Neck Tee Aviatrix Long Sleeve V Neck Tee
$69 $59 - $69
Samba V Neck Tee Samba V Neck Tee
Samba Skort Samba Skort
$70 $55 - $70
Reverb Turtleneck Reverb Turtleneck
Circadian Leggings Circadian Leggings
Plaiditude Button Down Shirt Plaiditude Button Down Shirt
Samba Swing Skort Samba Swing Skort
$75 $59 - $75
Maverick V Neck Tank Top Maverick V Neck Tank Top
Samba Skirt Samba Skirt
$65 $55 - $65
Ruckus Forester Parka Ruckus Forester Parka
Circadian Joggers Circadian Joggers
Miraculous Wide Leg Cropped Corduroy Pants Miraculous Wide Leg Cropped Corduroy Pants
Knockout Sherpa Jacket Knockout Sherpa Jacket
Ruckus Forester Jacket Ruckus Forester Jacket
Amelia 3/4 Sleeve Dress Amelia 3/4 Sleeve Dress
Miraculous Canvas Pants Miraculous Canvas Pants
Crusher Sleeveless Jumpsuit Crusher Sleeveless Jumpsuit
$115 $99 - $115
Baja Shorts 3" Baja Shorts 3"
$60 $49 - $60
Plaiditude Short Sleeve Shirt Dress Plaiditude Short Sleeve Shirt Dress
Samba Wide Leg Pants Samba Wide Leg Pants
Undercover Shorts Undercover Shorts
$35 $29 - $35
Crusher Maxi Dress Crusher Maxi Dress
$110 $99 - $110
Crusher Sleeveless Romper Crusher Sleeveless Romper
$95 $49 - $59
Aviatrix Sleeveless Pocket Dress Aviatrix Sleeveless Pocket Dress
Price reduced from $85 to $39
Crusher Tiered Dress Crusher Tiered Dress
Price reduced from $99 to $79
Terra Midi Dress Terra Midi Dress
Price reduced from $90 to $65
Crusher Shorts Crusher Shorts
Price reduced from $65 to $45
Crusher Skort Crusher Skort
Price reduced from $75 to $59
Summerland Shorts Summerland Shorts
Price reduced from $65 to $55
Crusher Dress Crusher Dress
Price reduced from $99 to $69
Whirlwind Tiered Dress Whirlwind Tiered Dress
Price reduced from $90 to $75
Crusher Adventure Dress Crusher Adventure Dress
Price reduced from $95 to $75

Toad and Co Clothing

Here at Title Nine, we're proud to partner with this amazing sustainable fashion company. We offer a curated assortment of Toad & Co dress styles, t-shirts, pants, tank tops, and other activewear, with many styles created exclusively for T9.


Why do we partner with Toad & Co?

This creator of socially and environmentally conscious eco friendly clothing for women fuses functionality with style, from best-selling dresses to pants and button-up tops made from organic cotton. Toad clothing is so versatile and comfortable that it makes us want to take the extra-long route, even in blistering heat or bitter cold. The best part is, Toad and Co is an all-around good company, working to make positive global change at every level of the supply chain while taking care of the planet and supporting our communities.
We love Toad and Co because they make bold, visually appealing casual clothing and organic basics for women. From their go-with-the-flow long and short sleeve t-shirts and five-pocket pants to maxi and wrap dress styles made from organic cotton and recycled materials, Toad and Co's clothing collection of eco-friendly clothing is amazingly versatile. We've been Toad & Co's partners for over two decades.


Who was the founder of Toad and Co?

Founded by Jessica Nordhaus in 1991, Toad & Co began its women's clothing collection in a garage in Telluride, CO. Jessica started out creating handmade toque hats for her friends, and soon expanded into other eco-friendly clothing made from recycled and sustainably sourced materials, like fleece jackets, vests, outerwear, dresses, and pants. She opened her first retail store in 1995, and since then has continued growing her passion for sustainable activewear and alternative apparel into a women-owned sustainable fashion company that's a force for good.
As a fellow woman-owned company supporting women's movement, T9 is proud to support our fellow women in the biz by carrying an extensive collection of eco-friendly activewear made by Toad & Co, like Toad dresses, wraps, and casual skirts, Toad and Co pants, jackets, and long sleeve, short-sleeve, sleeveless and v-neck t-shirts.


What was the previous name of Toad & Co?

When Jessica Nordhaus began making her now famous eco-friendly activewear she named her company Horny Toad, after growing up with these lizards in her childhood home of Albuquerque, New Mexico. In 2015, the company changed the name to Toad & Co to reflect their increasingly strong network of partners who work with the company to create and champion sustainable, eco-friendly clothing sold at a fair price.


Is Toad and Co a good brand?

Toad and Co is a leader in sustainably made, environmentally responsible garments and clothing. The clothing brand focuses on making women's activewear and casual clothes that are climate-neutral and earth-first, while maintaining accessible price points for women who want to support eco-friendly and sustainable fashion.
Toad & Co uses sustainable fibers in many of its garments and clothing. Sustainable and recycled materials such organic cotton, Modal, Tencel, hemp, linen, and recycled polyester and nylon are used to create many of our favorite Toad & Co button-up flannel shirts, hoodies, corduroy pants, and hooded dresses.
From offering packaging options that can be reused or recycled to supporting the circular economy, Toad & Co is working to help the planet through every part of their business. The company is also a proud member of 1% for the Planet and has pledged to donate 1% of all dress sales to non-profits who are working together for a healthy planet.