New Skorts & Skirts
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New Skorts & Skirts

Dream Swing Skort - Aalsmeer Dream Swing Skort - Aalsmeer
Crusher Pleated Skort Crusher Pleated Skort
Samba Swing Skort Samba Swing Skort
Crusher Skort Crusher Skort
Flora Skort - Floral Reef Flora Skort - Floral Reef
Sasha Balsa Skort Sasha Balsa Skort

New Skorts & Skirts

When our daily schedule is one big puzzle, our sports skirts become the heroines of our summer gear. Able to take us from trail to town in a pinch. Able to pack down light and shake out fast. Able to go everywhere, do everything, and skirt over any obstacle life throws at us. Our new arrivals of new skorts deliver high performance in all new styles, colors, and prints. So, when we pull on our favorite black skort, we know that it's versatile enough for impromptu swims and last-minute hiking trips.

We've woven performance into every stitch of our new skorts and athletic skirts, giving them the grit they need to work as hard as we do. How did we do it? Here's the scoop: 1) Performance blend fabrics such as Nimblene (our fast-drying, lightweight poly blend) and MoxieFlex (abrasion-resistant stretch nylon blend), 2) Hidden boy shorts that wick away sweat and prevent chafe, 3) Zippered pockets for storing valuables and treats for the pup, 4) Flexible waistbands and drawstrings for a dialed-in fit.

Our new skorts and sport skirts are power players in both the world of women's sports and the world of busy moms. We know what it's like to scramble through each day or push through a tough training session, which is why we need workout clothes that can keep up with our hectic lives. Searching for a lightweight skort with UPF protection? A print skirt that doubles as a tennis skirt? Stop by our store or give the T9 gals in customer service a call today. Give the gift of adventure, endurance and inspiration with Title Nine clothing gift cards.