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Vests For Women

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Outdoor Vests & Insulated Vests for Women

Surrender to the outdoor elements? Nope. When Mother Nature tries to bully us back inside, we stay outdoors longer with our womens down vests and jackets. At Title Nine, we've got all the right women's outdoor vests for your next adventure. From puffy vests for women to insulated vests, fleece vests, down vests, and puffer vests, Title Nine has women's outerwear insulation needs covered this winter.


How to choose an insulated vest for women

From fleece vests to down vests to PrimaLoft vests, there are tons of different options when it comes to insulated vests for women. So, how do you choose which insulated vest, puffer vest, or down vest is best for you? Here are a few things to consider when shopping for outdoor vests for women.
Materials matter: Inner and outer material choice controls not only how warm your vest or jacket will be, but your vest's size, how small it packs down, how well it breathes, and how your vest handles gnarly outdoor weather conditions, like rain, sleet, and snow.
- Down or fleece? Two of the most common insulation materials in jackets & vests, and other cold-weather outerwear for women, down and fleece both have lots of advantages as outerwear insulation. Down is one of the best natural insulators for women on the market. Super lightweight, warm, and packable, down jackets and down vests score high on our warm scale. The downside of down? It's not water-repellent (it loses its insulating power when it gets wet), dries slowly, and isn't as moisture-wicking as synthetic insulation alternatives. Fleece, on the other hand, usually dries faster than down, and is a better choice for sweaty activities, since it's a better moisture-wicker. Fleece's drawbacks? It isn't always wind-resistant and doesn't keep women as warm as down.
- Synthetic or natural? Natural materials like down and wool are both great insulators for women's vests and outerwear. Since synthetic insulators are usually better at moisture-wicking and drying quickly, a vest with synthetic insulation like PrimaLoft, polyester blends, or fleece is a better choice when snow, rain, or sweat is in the forecast.


The features you need:

Winter vests for women come with all sorts of features, from fun style touches to functional must-haves. Pockets, zippers, and hooded options rank high on our gotta-have-it list, while reversible vests, sweater vests, and fleece vests are our favorite types of vests to have on hand for outdoor adventures.
- Pockets: An essential part of any cool-weather vest for women, hand pockets give us an extra boost of warmth. Zipper pockets secure our stuff, while kangaroo pockets act as mini hand-warmers to keep us warm year-round.
- Zippers: Full zip vests give women the ultimate adjustable mid-layer, while half-zip and quarter-zip vests provide a pullover option that keeps our core warm.
- Waterproof shell fabric: Rain, sleet, or snow can't stop us when our vest features a water-repellent nylon shell.
- Our just-right layer: While fleece and down jackets are our go-to's when it's really cold, winter vests for women are a perfect lightweight outer layer for cool-weather outdoor activities or a killer insulated midweight layer for cold-weather plans.
From long vests and sweater vests to sherpa vests, puffer vests, and fleece vests, women can choose the winter vest in the material and style that works for them.


How should an insulated vest fit?

Our vests can be worn as a midweight layer under a wind- and water-resistant nylon shell or puffer jacket, or an outer layer over a sweater or long sleeve shirt. Wearing it as an outer layer might mean you size up to accommodate bulky sweaters or hoodies & sweatshirts while wearing it as a mid-layer might require a more fitted style that can be comfortably worn under jackets and coats.