DDD, E and F Cup Sports Bras
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DDD, E and F Cup Sports Bras

Marvel Minimalist Underwire Sports Bra Marvel Minimalist Underwire Sports Bra
Marvel Underwire Sports Bra Marvel Underwire Sports Bra
Run It All 2.0 Racerback Sports Bra Run It All 2.0 Racerback Sports Bra
Trade-Up Sports Bra Trade-Up Sports Bra
Run It All Underwire Sports Bra Run It All Underwire Sports Bra
Run it All 2.0 Adjustable Sports Bra Run it All 2.0 Adjustable Sports Bra
Goldilocked Strappy Sports Bra Goldilocked Strappy Sports Bra
$55 $29 - $55
Soothe Underwire Bra Soothe Underwire Bra
Answer Underwire Sports Bra Answer Underwire Sports Bra
Enforcer Wireless Sports Bra Enforcer Wireless Sports Bra
Three-Peat Underwire Bra Three-Peat Underwire Bra
Goldilocked and Loaded Pocket Sports Bra Goldilocked and Loaded Pocket Sports Bra
Aero Sports Bra Aero Sports Bra
$79 $65 - $79
Marvel Wireless Sports Bra Marvel Wireless Sports Bra
$71 - $75 $45 - $75
Maven Underwire Bra Maven Underwire Bra
Goldilocked Convertible Sports Bra Goldilocked Convertible Sports Bra
The Last Resort Front Close Sports Bra The Last Resort Front Close Sports Bra
Seismic Underwire Sports Bra Seismic Underwire Sports Bra
Price reduced from $84 to $55
Mg Wireless Sports Bra Mg Wireless Sports Bra
Price reduced from $64 to $29
Ovation Corset-Front Sports Bra Ovation Corset-Front Sports Bra
Price reduced from $99 to $69

The Best DDD, E and F Cup Bras and Sports Bras

Big boobs demand sports bras with big bra benefits to match. But when it comes to plus size bras, bigger isn't necessarily made better. Women need plus size styles that do more than just cover up the girls, full of features we need to move our way.
We're talking about a plus size sports bra that will keep our girls locked down during high impact workouts. A full coverage bra that shapes, supports, and stabilizes. A moisture wicking wire free bra designed for DDD+ sizes that say "no sweat" and keeps us dry and comfortable—no matter how intense our workouts get. Do such sports bras for full busts exist? YES. How do we know? Because we test and wear them every day.

We're breaking down everything you need to know to find your next DD and DDD, E cup bra, F cup bra engineered to provide maximum support, coverage, and comfort.

How do I measure my bra size to get the right fit?

The key to getting a bra that fits your large bust size is to measure your cup and band size the right way. Whether you're taking it into your own hands or getting measured by a bra expert, knowing your true bra size is the best way to get your best fit, period.
Always take your measurement with either a non-padded, underwire bra, like a lace bralette or balconette bra. A padded underwire bra will throw off your measurement and give you the wrong bra size.
Measure your band size first by grabbing a tape measure and wrapping it around and below the breasts, at the very top of your ribcage (the tape should be snug). Round to the nearest whole number from the original number you landed on. If the number is even, add four inches. If it's odd, add five. Your band size is the sum of this calculation.
Measure your bust is where things can get a bit tricky. Start by wrapping the tape measure across the center of your breasts, keeping the tape measure level to the ground. Round to the nearest whole number again, and subtract your calculated band size from your bust measurement to get your bra size. The difference between the two measurements will tell you your cup size, while the band stays the same. Example: 42 inches (bust) – 36 inches (band) = 6 inches. That means you're a 36 DDD or F.
You can also use our Bra Size Calculator to dial in your correct bra size.

What types of DDD, E and F cup bras should I look for?

Some bra styles work best for itty bitty, where others are made just for plus size women and larger bust sizes. Here are the best styles for DD, DDD, E and F cup bras:
-Full coverage bras: The name pretty much says it all. When you want maximum security for your breasts, skip the plunge and go for a full coverage style.
-T-shirt bras: When you don't want the lining of your bra showing underneath your t-shirt, grab a t-shirt bra for an invisible look under your everyday tees.
-Sports bras: For maximum comfort and support during low, medium, and high impact exercises, a sports bra is a must-have for all bust shapes and sizes. Our favorites? Seamless pullovers, racerbacks, front closure styles, and high-neck sports bras.
-Minimizer bras: A minimizer bra is a favorite amongst women with cup sizes DD, DDD, E and F sizes for many reasons: full coverage, comfortable lift, and natural support. Plus, it minimizes the appearance of your breast size, helping them look a little bit smaller (if that's what you're going for).

What features should I look for in DDD, E and F cup sports bras?

Large breasts need extra lift and support, so make sure your sports bra has all these key specs and features to keep your girls up and covered during your type of sport:
Wide straps: The thicker the strap, the better the support. Wider straps help prevent digging and pain, plus stay in place your straps never slip.
Three hook-and-eye closure: We want a bra we can put our full confidence in to keep our large breasts locked in during a workout. So we go for a three hook-and-eye closure to make sure our band never gives up.
Underwire: Keep the girls content, comfortable, and perky in place with the support of an underwire. 
Lined cups: If extra padding and coverage is what your large breasts need, lined cups are where it's at. They also help sculpt your breasts into a more rounded shape that makes your bust appear smooth under any top.
Side support panels: Bye-bye side boob. Say no to spilling out and hello to side support panels to keep your cups from overflowing.
Adjustable straps: Tighten or loosen your adjustable straps for a more comfortable fit that doesn't slip or dig into your shoulders. With adjustable straps, you're in charge.
Performance fabrics: This one's non-negotiable 'cause lace and cotton aren't going to cut it. Choose plus size sports bras with sweat-wicking, stretchy fabrics that keep up with any sport or activity you throw at it.

What are the best materials for sports bras?

Leave the lace at home. The best activewear and athletic bras are made with performance fabrics like nylon, spandex, and elastane. Whether you're in for a high-intensity workout and need a high-impact sports bra to keep up, or slowing down with a yoga flow and need a low-impact support system, make sure the fabrics have these key features:

1. Breathability: When we want our chest to feel free and lightweight, we keep an eye out for breathable fabrics. Extra breezy features like mesh panels and mesh lining help give our girls some extra air.

2. Moisture-wicking capabilities: Sweaty, soggy boobs? Not on our watch. Title Nine's low impact, medium impact, and high impact styles are all made with moisture-wicking fabrics to stop sweat in its tracks. So no matter how hard you work it, your chest stays cool and dry.

3. Durable support: Lace, cotton, and polyester might be comfortable, but they just don't have what it takes to suit our sports. Whatever size you sport, make sure your sports bra is built to support your cups for the long haul. Finding the right size bra is hard enough, so pick durable fabrics that bring it as hard as you do.

4. Comfortable stretch: Sports bras should have a snug fit, but not so tight that our breasts feel squished underneath. Whether it's a pullover racerback style, or a strappy, hook-and-eye closure bra, make sure you've got a comfy fit that stays that way, all day long.

At Title Nine, we believe that sports bras are the most important garment in our activewear. Questioning the right size? Title Nine's bra size calculator takes the pain out of shopping for a plus size sports bra. Find your next D-DDD, E cup bra, F cup bra engineered to provide maximum support, coverage, and comfort.

Shop new arrivals to find a plus size sports bra for low impact, medium impact, and high impact workouts. Need a low impact sports bra that doubles as a t-shirt bra? Looking for a high-impact racerback sports bra that goes from work to workout with ease? From grueling triathlons and mountainous treks to bootcamps and yoga, our sports bras need to have our backs through every mile and asana. Title Nine's plus size sports bras are designed to move us forward, not hold us back.

Order online and take your new sports bra for a test drive. Get free shipping on orders of $100 or more. If your new plus size bra doesn't work out, send it back for a full refund.

What's the difference between DDD cup and F?

There's actually no difference between DDD cups and F cups. Here in the US, DD and DDD cups are the standard, whereas internationally, E and F sizes are the standard.

How do I wash and care for my plus size bras?

Always wash your bras by hand, if you can, in cold water and with a gentle detergent. If you can't hand wash, throw them in a lingerie bag in the washing machine and wash on a delicate cycle. Always hang your bras to air dry, and avoid the dryer to keep the elastic and performance fabrics in good shape. With consistent use, sports bras will last for about a year before they completely give out. 

How can I tell if my bra fits properly?

Slipping shoulder straps, super-squished cups, a too-tight band, and chafing are the obvious signs of an ill-fitting bra. You'll know you're wearing the right bra size if you don't need to keep readjusting and your breasts feel comfy and perky.
Shop for styles designed just for plus size busts, like racerbacks, cross back bras, scoop neck, and high neck bras, with key features like underwires, molded cups, adjustable shoulder straps, and a hook-and-eye closure.

Should I choose a padded or non-padded bra for DDD, E and F cup sizes?

There's really no right or wrong here. Padded styles obviously give more cushion and coverage for your cups, where a non-padded bra might let your breasts feel a little more free (without actually flying free, of course). If you can't decide between padded or not, choose a style with removable padded cups to get the best of both.

Are there any bras designed for larger busts that don't have underwire?

Yep. There are tons of plus size sports bras out there designed without the underwire. Many styles swap the underwire for more cushion in the padded cups, or a thicker underbust band to support DD women and up. Take our Marvel Wireless Sports Bra for a test drive—a medium to high impact encapsulation bra that locks down sizes DD to F without the underwire. With built-in contour cups, this wireless marvel keeps the girls comfy through any sport or activity.

Can I wear a strapless bra if I have a larger cup size?

We wouldn't recommend wearing a strapless bra to your workout, but yes, you can wear a strapless style with larger breasts if you find one that suits your size and doesn't slip.

What type of support do DDD, E, and F cup sports bras offer?

Sports bras come in varying levels of support, from low, medium support to high support that'll keep the girls perky and in place through low-impact to high-impact activities and sports.
Consider your usual exercise routine and how much lift and support you actually need. For low-impact sweat sessions, a low support bra like a wireless, seamless pullover style might be all you need. For high-intensity moves, get a sports bra that's got the full package: wide, adjustable shoulder straps, comfortable underwire, hook-and-eye closure (or zip front closure), and contour cups (typically found in encapsulation bras).

Can I wear a compression sports bra if I have a larger bust size?

Yes, a compression bra holds your breasts closer to your chest, so there's no bounce, no bulge, and no readjusting. Encapsulation bras are a great option for plus size cups, too, with molded cups that separate the breasts so there's no chance of uni-boob.

Can I wear a DDD, E, or F cup sports bra for everyday wear?

Yep, in fact, women with DD-cup, DDD/E and F sizes tend to prefer the coverage and light compression of a sports bra over an everyday underwire bra. 

What should I do if I am in between sizes for DDD, E, or F cup sports bras?

If you're between sizes, you might want to size up and choose an adjustable style versus going with a smaller size. Look for key specs like a hook-and-eye closure, adjustable shoulder straps, and removable padded cups to customize the bra to your bust.