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Front Closure Sports Bras

The Last Resort Front Close Sports Bra The Last Resort Front Close Sports Bra
Ovation Corset-Front Sports Bra Ovation Corset-Front Sports Bra
Price reduced from $99 to $69

Get support front and center with our Front Closure Sports Bra Collection.

Can we tell you a secret? We love front-close bras. While it might seem easiest to grab your trusty pullover bra, that front closure bra might possibly be the best sports bra you’ve never tried.


Why are front closure sports bras a great option?

Front closure bras are a great choice for all kinds of reasons:
- Easy on/off: Have you ever gotten stuck halfway out of a sweaty sports bra? Yeah, us too—and it wasn’t pretty. Front closure sports bras are easy-on, eliminating the need to worry about our post-workout escape plan. A front zip or front hook bra allows an escape without an assist.
- Injury-friendly: For some of us with shoulder or other injuries, or those with post-surgery needs, the ‘standard’ racerback or other high impact sports bra is painful, or just plain impossible to navigate. Front-close bras give us all another adjustable, breathable activewear option that gives us the support we need without the pullover pain or back hook fumbling.
- Extra support: Front closure high impact support can be a game changer for big boobs—D-DD Cup and DDD+ Cup women can focus on our sport and not worry about what our breasts (or our sports bras) are doing.


Are front closure sports bras just as supportive as my regular racerback bra?

Front-close bras can offer women just as much support (oftentimes more!) as racerback bras. Some of our highest impact bras are front-zip—they allow us to get full coverage, extra support, adjustable straps, and seamless, sweat-wicking fabric. Whether you’re looking for an underwire bra, or wirefree option, built-in coverage or removable cups, t-back, or criss-cross styling, these bras give you the support you need.


Is the zip front closure comfortable?

Absolutely. Zip fronts are specifically made to be seam-free and comfortable so they don’t irritate sensitive skin. And while zippers are one type of closure, front closure bras actually come in all different types:
- Traditional zipper fronts are often paired with interior j-hooks (think regular bra hooks) to pair the support of hooks with the ease of zippers.
- Hook-and-eye fronts get right down to business—boobs are on lock-down once you’ve snapped them into a hook-front bra.
- Locking corset-front bras are your most flexible option—cinch the corset for compression when you want it, and loosen it up when you’re done.
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