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Hoku Swim Skirt Hoku Swim Skirt
Aquamini Skirt - Solid Aquamini Skirt - Solid
Wahine Swim Skirt - Solid Wahine Swim Skirt - Solid
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Aquamini Skirt - Clematis Aquamini Skirt - Clematis
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Swim skirts that are made to move? Title Nine has you (and your backside) covered.

Made for riding waves, chasing kids, and relaxing on the beach, our swim skirts, swim skirt cover-ups, and swim skorts for women give us the coverage we want in all the right places. Whether we’re throwing it on over our swimsuit or grabbing it instead of a bikini bottom, Title Nine swim skirts for women are built to last, made to move, and keep us comfortably covered.


What are swim skirts for?

When we need a little more coverage than our bikini bottoms or one piece swimsuits are giving us, we reach for a swimming skirt. These bottoms are built to keep women comfortably covered both in and out of the water. Our swimsuit skirts for women are made with resilient, fast-drying performance-blend fabrics and UPF 50 protection—often the same fabric the rest of our other swimwear is made from. Choose a skort with built-in briefs as a perfectly matched bottom for any of our bikini or tankini tops. Or, choose a skirt-only option to throw over a bikini bottom or boyshort bottom, or add a little extra coverage to your favorite one piece swimwear.


How to wear swim skirts?

Swim skirts are hands-down the best way to get extra coverage in the pool or on the beach. At Title Nine, we make swim skirts and skorts that are built to move in, not just lay around on the beach (although they’re great for that, too). So what are some features you should look for when you’re shopping for a swimming skirt?
- Material: If you plan on using your swim skirt as part of your swimsuit, make sure you grab a skirt that’s made out of the same fabric as the rest of your swimwear. Fast-drying, resilient, performance-blend fabrics, like our Surflex TM Solid Swim let you treat your swimming skirt as part of your swimsuit. Beware of skirts made of cotton or other non-swim fabrics that won’t perform well when wet.
- Length: Sure, it might be tempting to go long with a swim skirt, but resist! Long swim skirts get heavy in the water, and tangled up in swimmers’ legs. The best length for a swim skirt is as short as possible, ideally ending right below your bum.
- Features: Built-in briefs, adjustable drawstring waist, and hidden pockets make our swim skirts better than others. Make sure your swimming skirt has everything you’re looking for.
- Fit: Form-fitting swim skirts give the same amount of coverage as the flowy kind, but skip all the extra material that slows us down in the water. Look for skirts that fit closely to the body for a streamlined shape.
- Style: Whether you're looking for a high-waisted swim skort in a solid or a mid-rise skirt to pair with your two-piece, T9 swim skirts come in prints and solid color styles for easy mix and match.


Do swim skirts have shorts underneath?

Most swim skirts are built to be your one-and-done swimsuit bottoms, so swim skirts usually have built-in briefs underneath the skirt. While this is by far the simplest way to wear a swim skirt, lots of women go with a layering look and add a separate skirt cover-up over their bikini bottoms or swim shorts. The layered approach lets women get the coverage out of the water, but streamlines our suits when we're ready for a swim. Title Nine’s all about giving women the options they need, so we offer both swim skirts with built-in briefs and skirt cover-ups for layering.


Can you swim in a swim skirt or cover-up?

Swim skirts and skirt coverups serve slightly different purposes, so before you hit the beach or pool, it’s a good idea to think about what you need your skirt to do.
- Plan on getting wet? Choose bathing suit skirts made from the same fabric as your suit. Fast-drying performance-blend swim fabrics like SurFlexTM mean your swim skirt will keep up with anything a regular swimsuit can do. Add on an elasticized drawstring waistband, stash pockets, and built-in briefs and your swim skirt is the must-have piece of any swimsuit.
- Sticking to the beach? If you’re wearing your swim skirt as a beach skirt or poolside cover up, you’ve got free reign on fabrics and styles—from sarong style solid skirts to pull-on swim skorts for women in stripes, patterns and floral prints. It’s still a good idea to choose a breathable, comfortable fabric with UPF 50 protection to keep you cool and dry while you're having fun in the sun.


Are swim skirts similar to Swim Shorts?

They can be! Swim skirts vary from one-and-done skirts with built-in briefs (think swim skort) to swim-ready skirts that can be paired with a bikini bottom or one piece swimsuit for ultimate coverage.

Can I wear a swim skirt over a one-piece?

Depends on the style—some swim skirts have built-in briefs, so they’re really a skort that's made to pair with a bikini or tankini top. Look for swim skirt cover ups in swim fabrics if you want a swim skirt that you can layer over a one-piece suit in and out of the water. Just looking for a poolside cover up? You have more options for fabrics and styles, although it’s always a good idea to snag a skirt or skort in a quick-drying fabric with built-in UPF 50 protection.