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Product 0: Fartlek Rechargable Headlamp
Fartlek Rechargable Headlamp
What we wear when we need to dash quickly through the dark. LEDs light up the trails with 150 lumens of light for up to 48 minutes or about 8 miles, depending on how fast the shadows motivate you to go. Optical lens with independent articulation lets us focus our view. Wood inlay. Adjustable. Rechargeable cousin of the H.T.C. Headlamp. One size fits most. By UCO.
Product 1: H.T.C. Headlamp
H.T.C. Headlamp
Northern Light
What we wear when we need to bring modern lighting back to nature’s singletrack playground. LEDs light up the trails with 120 lumens of light for up to 70 hrs. Optical lens with independent articulation lets us focus our view. Wood inlay. Adjustable. By UCO. One size.
Product 2: Magneta Run Light
Magneta Run Light
Neon Yellow
A reflective running light that loves our gear as much as we do. Magnetic attachment means even our flyweight favorites remain unscathed, so we can run and ride safe from dusk till dawn all year round. 4.7"x1.6"x0.3", .45 oz.

NITTY GRITTY: Four LEDs, two modes (glow or flash.) Neodymium magnets in seamless, nylon casing. Weather resistant. Includes 1x replaceable 2032 lithium battery.
Product 3: Multi-Light
This pocket-sized powerhouse is a flashlight, lantern and emergency strobe light. Simply pull to convert it from flashlight to tiny lantern. Less than 3 oz. Stands 6½" tall when expanded. And, still delivers light up to 138 feet away. Hook lets us hang it for hands-free lighting. LED settings: low, mid, high, strobe. Lasts up to 130 hours on strobe. 118 lumens. Water-resistant. 1 AA battery, not included.
Product 4: Seven-Night Lantern
Seven-Night Lantern
And on the seventh night at camp, there was still light—up to 60 hours of it. Magnetic lanyard takes it from tabletop light to lantern, and back, with ease. Hang it in the tent, pull it down for that late-night biffy trip, then snap it back into place. Keeps night vision sharp with blue 'moonlight' LED option. By UCO. 3.25" x 3.75" x 5".
Product 5: Light-It-Up Charge Lantern
Light-It-Up Charge Lantern
Life doesn’t stop when the sun goes down, so we light it up with this inflatable solar lantern. As little as 2 hours of solar-charging gives you up to 50 hours of light. So, whether you need to study on, camp out or party on, when the sun sets, light it up. And the plus? A two-way USB port for charging. By MPOWERD. 5"x4¼".

NITTY GRITTY: USB port for two-way mobile charging (includes USB cord). Battery level indicator. Tops up most smartphones 30-50%. Up to 150 lumens. 4 modes: low, medium, high, 1 sec flashing. Waterproof. And yup, it floats.
Product 6: Littlest Lantern
Littlest Lantern
This little light? We're gonna let it shine--for up to 60 hours. Soothing 'moonlight mode' emits blue light that lets us see a bit better without ruining our natural nightvision. Perfectly palm-sized little sister of the Seven-Night Lantern, it's about the size of five large marshmallows, or one ravenous T9er-sized s'more. By UCO.
Product 7: Soleil Powerbank Lantern
Soleil Powerbank Lantern
Harness the sun the palm of your hand. We have up to 300 lumens of crisp, bright like wherever we like thanks to a unique bungee-toggle attachment that allows us to have handsfree light, no clips, carabiners or heads required. Reflective hits so we can find it in the dark. And yup, you can charge devices via USB even while the light's on. By Lander. Approximately 2¼"x3½"x3¾".
Product 8: Spotlight
Green Dots
Magenta Dot
Purple Dot
We use these by the truckload for all those low-light times when we need a spotlight on Spot, our bike, our jacket, our kids, our pack. Two modes: glow and flash. Replaceable battery. 1¼" diameter. Weight: ½ oz. By Nite Ize. Only @ T9.
Product 9: Solar SunLight
Solar SunLight
A pocketful of sunshine we take everywhere. The size of a Klondike bar (but don't eat it), even more portable and brighter than it's AAA-powered counterparts. Up to 50 hours of 100 lumens of light per charge. 3.4 oz (95 g) 3.35"x3.39"x0.91".

NITTY GRITTY: Water resistant and dimmable. White, color and 'party' light modes. Adjustable kickstand with clip. Analog sundial. Charges in 2 hours via USB or 7 hours via built-in solar panel.
Product 10: Ride Out Loud Lights - Frame
Ride Out Loud Lights - Frame
Was: $13 Now: $8
Bike lights that let us ride out loud. This functional flair that adds a bright pop to our ride. 6.5 feet long with 40 LEDs. Includes mounting ties. Powered by 3 AA batteries (not included) for up to 48 hours of light. Weatherproof. By Cosmic Brightz.