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synergytm just right insulation.

heat holdin’
water wickin’
easy wearin’ Synergytm

Our performance blend of fast-drying poly and sturdy nylon is blended for just the right amount of stretch. All that makes for a lightweight layer that packs a surprise punch of wicking and warmth.

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Product 0: Vagabond V-neck Sweater
Vagabond V-neck Sweater
Stone Blue
Misty Coral
Desert Yellow
You will wear this sweater day in and day out until there are holes at the elbows and fraying at the hem. And then one day you’ll find yourself cooking your meals in a tin can over an open fire, and you will still be wearing your Vagabond. If you don't like the end of this story, buy two and avoid the tin-can fate. Made of our Synergy™ yarn that wicks and warms even when wet. Poly/nylon/spandex. Only @ T9. XS(2), S(4-6), M(8-10), L(12-14), XL(16).
Product 1: Synergy T-neck Sweater
Synergy T-neck Sweater
Beet Juice
We wear it alone, next to skin on crisp fall mornings, or we layer it as fall moves to winter. We love it for 9 months a year. Lightweight sweater knit makes for a great thermal piece, but the poly/nylon/spandex blend makes this sweater a top performer. Our Synergy™ yarn wicks and warms even when wet. Only @ T9. XS(2), S(4-6), M(8-10), L(12-14), XL(16).

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