t9 Mermaid Race Series

If you’re powered-up by chocolate, endorphins, high-fives and new friends screaming your name at the finish line, then we’ve got great news for you! The T9 Mermaid Race Series is BACK for 2018.

Women’s events unlike any other, the T9 Mermaid Series is designed for every woman, every age, every body. Great race courses, a welcoming training community and support every step of the way make every event a tsunami of fun!

Whether you’re running your first 5K, gunning for a new half marathon best, or tackling your first tri, T9 Mermaid Race Series has an event for you. So grab the kids and the baby jogger, your daughter or a friend, or just come solo: it’s time to rise up and throw down. Let’s get moving!


  1. 02/10/19  San Diego, CA
    (5k, 10k, Half, Virtual)
  2. 05/04/19  Fremont, CA
    (5k, 10k, Half, Sirena18, Virtual)
  3. 05/12/19  Boulder, CO
    (5k, 10k, Virtual)
  4. 06/01/19  Spokane, WA
    (5k, 10k, Virtual)
  5. 10/05/19  Capitola, CA
    (Sprint Tri, Sprint Du, Olympic Tri)
  6. 10/20/19  San Francisco, CA
    (5k, 10k, Sirena10, Virtual)
  7. 12/07/19  Woodside, CA
    (Trail Run 3.5mi, 6mi, 9.5mi)