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New Balance Sports Bras & Apparel

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New Balance Apparel

Browse our bra experts' picks for a New Balance sports bra that maximizes comfort and gives us the perfect support for our sport. When it's time to power up for running, yoga or strength training, we pull on a NB wicking crop top or strappy women sports bra style. Find your fit in a racerback, pullover or mesh bra design that helps manage sweat.

Looking for a new hero bra? A sports bra that helps us breakthrough our fitness goals? Shop our selection of righteous New Balance bra styles in a range of size and fit options. Need a crop top sports bra that doesn't cut corners? A racerback bra with resoluteness, come sweat-soaked tabata or bonus round at boot camp? Want a pop of color in your sports bra instead of basic black? Title Nine has you covered with a New Balance sports bra for gals with determination that won't backdown.

We have two breasts and believe that should be apparent, even when we're wearing a racerback sports bra. Our NB bra styles treat our girls as separate and equal... no smashing. New Balance contour cup styles keep the gals in shape with unrestricted fit and freedom of mobility.

A New Balance high neck mesh sports bra provides moisture-wicking technology and coverage without smothering. Women can rest assured that a New Balance bra with a wide elastic band will stay put while we don't. For running or high impact activities for smaller cup gals, New Balance has options for A-B cups. For those of us needing B-C cup bra fit options, a NB pullover or racerback design works well for low to medium impact options in sports bras.