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Title Nine - Ann Arbor 415 North 5th Ave, Kerrytown, Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(734) 332-4955
Store Hours

Sunday: Closed
Monday-Saturday: 11am - 5pm

Since these hours may change – please give us a call to confirm!
You can also call to make an appointment – a great idea if you are at risk or have large returns. We'll work together to accommodate your needs.

What to expect when we're connecting:

  • Masks will be required (and provided!)
  • Only 5 customers in-store at a time
  • Appointments available for returns & personal shopping
  • Socially distanced fitting rooms and lines
  • Extra sanitizing! Especially for any tried-on apparel



P1 Metered parking at Kerrytown Market and Shops. Free after 6 pm and all day Sundays.

P2 Metered parking at Farmer’s Market Lot. Free after 6 pm and Sunday. Not available Saturday and Wednesday during the Farmer's Market.

P3 Metered parking at the corner of Catherine and 4th Ave. Free after 6 pm and all day Sundays.

P4 County parking lot. Available after 5 pm weekdays and on the weekends. Free.

P5 Parking structure, hourly rate Monday - Friday. Flat rate entry fee after 4 pm Monday through Friday and all day Saturday. Free parking on Sundays and holidays.

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