Swimsuit Guide for A & B Cups

The Ultimate 2023 Guide to Finding the Best Athletic Swimsuit for Small Busts

swimsuit guide for a & b cups
swimsuit guide for a & b cups

A and B cup friends, listen up. We know how hard it can be to find swim tops and swimwear that fit right, keep up, and stay up. At Title Nine, we have tons of bikini tops and one-pieces to suit our friends with small busts. We've put together everything you need to know about shopping for A and B cup-sized swim tops so you can choose the right swimwear to suit your small chest — and your big sense of adventure.

How do I find a swimsuit or bikini top that's best for my small bust?

As a member of the IBTC, you might not need to worry about unwanted cleavage, spills, or squished boobs. You might be rocking a small chest, but that doesn't mean you don't have your concerns. Things like nip slips, cup gaps, and unreliable straps are problems we just can't deal with. So when it comes to choosing the right bikini top and bathing suit, make sure it checks these boxes:

  1. The bikini top stays put.  Whether you're going for a casual swim or hitting the surf, a stay-put top is an absolute must. You can't be bothered to readjust your suit while you're riding the waves. At Title Nine, we've tested the limits of all our swim tops and one-piece swimsuits to keep up and stay up with all women. If you're in a fitting room or at home, jump around, move your arms in a paddling motion, and make sure no matter which way you move, your bikini top doesn't flinch.

  2. The top doesn't gape.  Cup gaps are public enemy #1 for small-chested women. Not only do you not feel supported, but you also have this awkward, empty space in your bikini top. And if you're sitting down, SUPing, or serving up a set of beach volleyball, you want your top or one piece swimsuit to stay up against your chest—period. If your top starts to gape or reveal too much when you hunch over, that bikini top won't give you the nip-slip proofing you want.

  3. Your girls feel supported.  Whether you're going with a bikini top, tankini, or one piece swimsuit, there's no shortage of options in terms of finding the right kind of coverage for your small chest. We're all about feeling comfortable in our bodies, so reach for swimsuit styles that match your kind of coverage level. Whether you choose a triangle top, bandeau, racerback one-piece, or halter tankini, pick the style you (and your girls) will feel the best in.

  4. You get the coverage you want.  Whether you have small boobs or itty bitty boobs, you still want to make sure your girls are supported. Look for an underwire bikini top or halter top that comfortably lifts what you got without cramping your style.

  5. Avoid tops suited for bigger busts.  If you have smaller breasts, your swim top doesn't need to have all the same features as a top made for C-DDD cup sizes. Wearing tops that aren't made with small breasts in mind won't give you the support, comfort, and just-right fit you need to feel good in your suit. If you need a hand choosing the right bikini tops and one-pieces, Title Nine's bundled the best swimwear for small busts to make your search 10x easier.


swimsuit guide for a & b cups
swimsuit guide for a & b cups

What features are best for A & B Cups in athletic swimsuits?

When it comes to finding the right swimwear for small busts, there are some features we have to have. Your size range may be smaller, but you still need a suit that gets your A & B cup sizes just right. Above all, you should expect a supportive and comfortable fit from your bikini top or one piece swimsuit, especially if you plan on tackling some high-intensity water sports. What do we mean by support and comfort? For starters, not having to readjust your suit, never worrying about your top slipping off, and never worrying how you look in your suit.

Look for these features to get the most comfortable, fuss-free fit possible from your bathing suit:

  1. Adjustable straps -  Every small chest is a little bit different. Adjustable straps let you choose how tight you want your bikini top to sit on your shoulders so your top never falls, the straps never slip, and your girls stay secure.

  2. Padding (or removable padding) -  For a little extra cushion (and a little extra nip coverage), look for a bikini top or one piece swimsuit with padding built in the bust area.

  3. Underwire -  An underwire bikini top adds just the right level of support for A and B cups. It's like having the support and lift from your everyday bra, but in a sport-ready swimsuit. If your small boobs would rather go sans underwire, look for a wire-free top with a wide and supportive band below the bust.

  4. Durable fabrics  The right materials make all the difference in how your swimwear fits, supports, and performs over time. Look for bathing suits made in durable fabrics like nylon and spandex—stretchy materials that offer a compressive fit to support your kind of water sport.


swimsuit guide for a & b cups
swimsuit guide for a & b cups

What swimsuit styles are best for A & B Cups?

The good news for small boobs? There are tons of swimsuit top styles for you to choose. From on-trend tops, one piece swimsuits with fun and funky cut-outs, performance-ready athletic swimwear, or the always classic triangle bikini, this small size range ain't lackin' in options. Title Nine's collection of swimsuits & bikini tops for small busts have all the features you want—adjustable straps, supportive underwire, removable padding, durable fabrics, and more—in tons of cuts and colors to pair with our swim shorts, cheeky bottoms, or high-waisted bottoms. Plus, they're tested and trusted to stay up and keep up with your every move.

With so many options, you want to find bikini tops and one-pieces that fit your body type comfortably, and match up to your activity level in the water. You don't want to wear a two-piece string bikini to swim laps, and you wouldn't want a bandeau top for windsurfing or beach volleyball. So make sure the swimsuit you choose has the coverage you want, the performance capability you need, and the support you can't go without.

Wondering which style suits your bust size, body type, and activity level? We recommend these small chest-approved tops and one-pieces:

  1. Triangle bikini top.  The always trusty, always simple triangle top is one we'll keep reaching for. With ideal coverage for small busts, it's a longtime favorite. And at Title Nine, our triangle tops are built for anything you throw at 'em. Choose a tie-back style for a classic fit that doesn't slip, or hook-and-clasp back for maximum security.

  2. One piece swimsuit.  Ideal for lap swims, surfs, SUP sessions, or women who just want more coverage, the one-piece is an easy go-to. It gives us a sport-level compressive fit that boosts our performance in the water, and stays in place so we never have to mess with our suit. Plus, adjustable straps and underwire options give you the support you need.

  3. Scoop neck bikini top.  A scoop neck top offers great coverage where it counts, plus a fit and feel that reminds us of our go-to sports bra. Title Nine's scoop neck tops can be worn pretty much anywhere for any water activity.

  4. One-shoulder top or one-piece.  While it's not the most practical style for women on the move, the one-shoulder is a fun and trendy style to try out for more casual beach days. Think building sand castles with the kiddos, strolls up and down the beach, and tropical getaways with family or friends.

  5. Bandeau top.  Similar to the one-shoulder top, a bandeau isn't our number one choice for getting sporty on the beach. But, a bandeau is still a great option for a wide size range, from flat chests to C, and sometimes even up to DD. Again, think slow-paced days on the water, paired with a cool drink and a good book in hand.

  6. High-neck top.  Low-cut just isn't gonna cut it for us wave-making women. Protect your chest from burns, scratches, and nip-slips and move totally worry-free with a high-neck top. Ideal for surf sessions, swims, wind surfs, paddle boarding, and a whole lot more.


How do you shop for athletic swimsuits for A & B cups?

Like any other athletic swimsuit outside the A-B size range, finding the right athletic swimwear for small-busted women comes down to fit and performance. Choosing the best bathing suit for your sport depends on support, coverage, and style you feel most comfortable moving in.

Some of the more popular styles among small-chested women include triangle bikinis, scoop neck or square neck tops, halter tops, high-neck tops, and racerback one-piece swimsuits. And at Title Nine, we have a wide range of athletic one piece swimsuits and two-piece suits specifically designed to keep up with all A & B cups, from low-lift to high-intensity water sports.

Title Nine's Makai Halter Top is an instant classic made just for the A-Team: no underwire, gape-proof fit, and removable, quick-dry padding in the cups. Or, show everyone small chests ain't nothin' to mess with in the Impossible Bikini Top, featuring the custom fit and support of a halter, but without the pain that comes from a too-tight neck tie. One-pieces more your jam? Our Real Deal One Piece Swimsuit is exactly what the name suggests. No pinching, no-nonsense, no wires, and no worries in this ready-for-it racerback.

Whether you're shopping online or in-store, try on your swimsuit before taking them out in the water. Because just when you think you've got the right fit, a wet swimsuit could make you think again. On dry land, a slightly firm, almost compressive fit is how you want your swimwear to feel on your body. If it's barely holding on when it's dry, it will easily let go when it's wet, so a snug fit is best. Once you've tested it out on dry land, remember your bathing suit will stretch a bit when it's wet, so make sure it doesn't fall behind when you come up for air.

Fit, support, and comfort are always on our minds when it comes to finding the perfect swimwear — even more so for smaller-busted women. If you need help measuring, finding your size, or picking the best swimsuit for your body type, Title Nine's Customer Service is happy to help in-store or online.

If your suit passed the dry land test, but not the swim test (AKA the most important one), our 360 Guarantee is the ultimate swim safety net: if for any reason or no reason, you are not happy with your Title Nine swimsuit, send it round-trip within a year for an exchange or full refund. No questions. No hassles. No kidding.


How do I take care of my swimsuit and make sure it always fits?

Taking care of your swimwear the right way doesn't just extend its lifespan. It keeps the fabrics in good shape, so your suit always fits, supports, and performs the way it's supposed to.

Here's how to wash and dry your swimsuit.

Rinse off your swimsuit immediately: Whether you've just gotten out of the pool or wrapped up an ocean dip, chlorine and/or salt water can wear out the fabric if left alone for too long. So, as soon as you can, rinse off your bathing suit with cold, fresh water. We like to pack a jug just for our suits to get them ready for the ride home.

Always hand wash your bathing suit: Wash by hand using cold water and a mild detergent, both of which are more gentle on fabric and help to retain elasticity. Avoid harsh cleaners like bleach to keep the fabric from fading. If you notice your suit's starting to stink up a bit, soak it in cold water with two tablespoons of white vinegar for about 20 to 30 minutes. Hang or lay flat to dry.

Machine wash if you have no other option: We know that not everyone has the time to wash their swimsuits by hand. If you do put swimwear in the washing machine, use cold water. Pick the gentlest cycle setting and place the items in a lingerie bag. Ideally, you want to wash your suit with similar materials to keep the fabric from getting ruined. Always fasten hooks on your bikini tops or one-pieces so that they don’t get caught on anything else.

Never put your swim gear in the dryer: The best way to fry a swimsuit? You guessed it: throw it in the dryer. While they're a handy appliance and help us save time, dryers are the Wicked Witch in the land of swimwear. Heat from dryers will wear swimsuits out much more quickly and can warp the elastic. So after you've hand washed them, lay these pieces flat (or hang them) to dry.

Store your swimwear all together: Organize your swim collection by keeping all your suits together and stored in a soft basket or lined drawer. Try to avoid crumpling up your suits together in total chaos (AKA it's put away, but it's not exactly neat). If you can, lay your tops, bottoms, and one-pieces flat to keep the elastic from wearing out. Or, fold your suits together.

Get out there and get into your best-fitting swim, no matter your cup size. Whether you're an A or B cup, you can find the right bikini top, tankini, and one-piece that fits your body type and your small chest to a tee.

For the extreme wave-chasers, the underwater explorers, or the beach sports fanatics, here are the key takeaways to choosing the swimsuit styles that support what you got (no matter how small), as well as your movement:

  1. Make sure there are no cup gaps, slippy straps, or barely-there coverage.
  2. Look for supportive features like underwires and adjustable straps.
  3. Look for small-busted approved styles: triangle tops, bandeaus, scoop neck tops, high-neck tops, halter tops, and one piece swimsuits.
  4. Choose high-quality, durable fabrics like nylon and spandex.
  5. Test your suit out on dry land (remember - a snug fit is best) before jumping in the water.

The IBTC may not have the same concerns as our friends with bigger busts, but at the end of the day, we all just want swimwear that stays up and keeps up with our every move.

If you're shopping for yourself or for a friend, use this guide to help you narrow down the elements of your perfect swimsuit. Or, check out our collection of bikinis and one piece swimsuits specifically for small busts. And if you need to chat with someone for help, Title Nine's customer service can answer any questions, help you get your size right, and recommend the best products for you in store and online.