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Swimsuit Bottom Collection

Shop Title Nine's new arrivals and online exclusive swim bottoms. (They blow expectations right out of the water.). We can handle sweltering summer heat, rough surf or chasing after the kids. What we don't have time for are fussy swimsuit bottoms that sag on our waists or bikinis that barely cover. Whether we're lunging for volleyballs, SUP racing or jumping off cliffs, we have always wanted our swimwear to do more, just like we do. We're less interested in hipster bikini bottoms and more interested in hip-staying bikini bottoms, because we know we need bottoms in styles that will stay put through every dig and every dive, and swimsuits that really have our backs (and backsides).

With Title Nine's swim bottoms, we don't need to question our swimwear choices – we can just throw on our favorite pair of boardshorts or our new high-waisted bikini and get out there. With reversible bottoms, budge-proof waistbands and tons of styles and colors, our swimsuits are built to mix and outmatch, not to mention last.

And these are bikini bottoms designed for women, by women, which means they've got us; all-day comfort with maximum mobility, and all-season accountability, whether you're looking for high waterlines, high waists, or high adventure. Our female designers have made sure we've got bottoms for every waist, every swell and any body: from swim shorts that effortlessly transition from sea to land to high-waisted bikini bottoms that stay put through epic wipeouts. We have traditional full bikini bottoms, hip peeking bikini bottoms and cheeky bikini bottoms with a flattering fit. We've even worked hard to make sure that our bottoms styles match more than one swim top, so you can create multiple matching swimsuits with minimal effort – for complete beach going, swim, and sun bathing freedom. (And that's not saying anything about our swim tops or rashguards, which take slip-free swimwear to a whole other level.)