Women's Hiking & Waterproof Boots
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Women's Hiking & Waterproof Boots

Long Way Hiking Boot Long Way Hiking Boot
Urban Duck Bootie Urban Duck Bootie
$130 $89 - $130
Rain Reliever Waterproof Bootie Rain Reliever Waterproof Bootie
Crone Boot - Suede Crone Boot - Suede
Price reduced from $245 to $199
Snow Queen Boot Snow Queen Boot
Price reduced from $145 to $109
Rainiac Waterproof Bootie Rainiac Waterproof Bootie
Price reduced from $160 to $119
Knock Around Hiking Boot Knock Around Hiking Boot
Price reduced from $185 to $129

Conquer the Elements with Waterproof Boots

Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality with Title Nine's range of women's hikes and waterproof boots. Designed specifically for the adventurous woman, our collection ensures that you're prepared for every terrain and weather condition. Our collection is as stylish as it is functional. Transition seamlessly from a hiking trail to a city street without missing a beat.
Waterproof Design: No more wet feet on rainy days or damp trails. Our boots are crafted to keep moisture out, ensuring comfort even during unexpected downpours.
High-Performance Footwear: Our boots are sourced from top brands like Sorel and Teva, and promise durability and quality. Options with insulation keep feet warm, while weather-resistant seams and water-repellent linings enhance protection. Not to forget the reinforced toe and heel for added durability.
Ergonomic Comfort: Designed with your comfort in mind, our boots offer ergonomic support, reducing foot fatigue during extended wear. Perfect for those long treks or days when you're constantly on the move.Our boots feature cushioned insoles, arch, and ankle support for unparalleled comfort. Adjustable features ensure a snug and secure fit, ready for any adventure.
Slip-Resistant Soles: Safety is paramount. Our boots come with soles designed to grip, reducing the risk of slips and falls on tricky terrains.
Breathable Materials: Say goodbye to sweaty feet. Our boots are crafted with materials that allow your feet to breathe, ensuring freshness throughout the day. Waterproof leather and suede keep feet dry without sacrificing comfort.