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Active Dresses with SwiftSnap

Dream Dress - Solid Dream Dress - Solid
Yes Dress - Inca Yes Dress - Inca
Yes Dress - Inca: New Badge
Freelance Dress - Monstera Freelance Dress - Monstera
Freelance Dress - Monstera: New Badge
Dream V Neck Dress - Solid Dream V Neck Dress - Solid
Freelance Dress - Solid Freelance Dress - Solid
Dream V Neck Dress - Sparkler Dream V Neck Dress - Sparkler
Freelance Dress - Shibori Floral Freelance Dress - Shibori Floral
Price reduced from $99 to $79
Yes Dress - Fernweh Yes Dress - Fernweh
Price reduced from $89 to $75

Activewear Dresses Featuring SwiftSnap: Half Dresses, Half Rompers, All Action

Introducing our SwiftSnap convertible dress: the only dress that converts to shorts (and back) in a snap. These new arrivals will literally charm the pants off you, because they're designed to fit not only women's wardrobes, but women's commutes, active lifestyles and personal style.

You might be wondering: is there really such a thing as an activewear dress? Isn't that just a romper or jumpsuit? We've got nothing against rompers or jumpsuits (obviously, we sell both), but we believe in making clothing multipurpose; to re-define the perfect clothing fit as something that includes functionality, not just style. Sure, we make our dresses sleeved, sleeveless, black, floral and in V-neck, high neck or boatnecks (we're very thorough), but more than anything, we're making dresses "do." We aspire to make dresses "do" as much as all the rompers, jumpsuits, and other apparel in our collection.

So don't insult the dresses by calling them rompers, unless you're clear that they are both romper and so much more. They're casual, dress-up-able, activewear dresses designed by women for women; they're clothes that keep your privates private; they're one-piece not-jumpsuits that you can take biking, hiking, and downward dogging. In short, they're dresses that can convert to shorts (and back) in a snap, and, okay, yes, they're sort of like rompers.