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Product 0: Disco Run Light
Disco Run Light
A wearable, thumb-sized disco party—and a highly visible one at that. Steady or blinking bright LEDs deliver 2400 feet of all-day visibility. Weather resistant. Clip-on.
Product 1: Seven-Night Lantern
Seven-Night Lantern
And on the seventh night at camp, there was still light—up to 60 hours of it. Magnetic lanyard takes it from tabletop light to lantern, and back, with ease. Hang it in the tent, pull it down for that late-night biffy trip, then snap it back into place. Keeps night vision sharp with blue 'moonlight' LED option. Nitty gritty: 130 lumens. Uses 3AA batteries, not included. Water resistant. Battery life: 15 hours on high, 60 hours on low. Weight: 10.7 oz. Dimensions: 3.25" x 3.75" x 5"
Product 2: Solar SunLight
Solar SunLight
A pocketful of sunshine we take everywhere. The size of a Klondike bar (but don't eat it), even more portable and brighter than it's AAA-powered counterparts. Up to 50 hours of 100 lumens of light per charge. Nitty gritty: water resistant and dimmable. White, color and 'party' light modes. Adjustable kickstand with clip. Analog sundial. Charges in 2 hours via USB or 7 hours via built-in solar panel. 3.4 oz (95 g) 3.35"x3.39"x0.91".
Product 3: Spotlight
Green Dots
Magenta Dot
Purple Dot
We use these by the truckload for all those low-light times when we need a spotlight on Spot, our bike, our jacket, our kids, our pack. Two modes: glow and flash. Replaceable battery. 1¼" diameter. Weight: ½ oz. Only @ T9.
Product 4: R3 Mini Survival Kit
R3 Mini Survival Kit
Was: $89 Now: $69
Can your flashlight purify water? Ours knows the three R's of outdoor essentials well: rugged, ready, and really, really useful. Okay, maybe that's four Rs, but who's counting when it adds up to one awesome kit? Start with the outer: lightweight, nearly indestructible aluminum LED floodlight. Carabiner clip top with built-in compass keeps it accessible. Oh, and it's not just a light. Our kit is loaded with three tins: trail markers/whistle, water purification/can opener, and a firestarter. All that in a standard-bottle-of-water size.

NITTY GRITTY: water and impact resistant. 200 lumens, up to 40 hours of light on strobe option. Includes 1 year warranty. 2"x6". By VSSL exclusively for T9.

Outdoor Gear

p>So you’re planning a camping or cross-country road trip. The fresh air, natural sights and campfires beckon, but let’s be honest: hiking, trekking and otherwise outdoorsy activities aren’t that fun if you aren’t well-prepped for all that Mother Nature plans on throwing your way. That’s why you’ve got to think of the Scout motto throughout the planning process. After all, spending time in the natural or urban wild is all about being ready to conquer any challenge, whether it be rain, cold, wind or a dead camera battery.

At Title Nine, we’ve got all of the outdoor and camping gear you need to crush your next adventure, from solar-powered camp lights and rugged water bottles to next-level backpacking day packs and duffels. You’ll find outdoor essentials here by the adventure industry’s best brands, including Patagonia, Hydro Flask, Cotopaxi, Osprey and more. Our camping backpacks and duffels are a great place to start if you’re looking for an easy way to travel with all your camping gear. It’s all about the waterproof, rip-proof and durable with these packs. We’ve also got a fantastic selection of outdoor-friendly women’s clothing — soft shells, insulated jackets, fleece jackets, rain jackets and much more — perfect for keeping you warm, dry and well-protected from the elements. Title Nine gear is specially designed to offer a flexible, comfortable fit so that you can effectively chop wood, cook dinner over a fire or take that extra mile-long hike while you’re exploring the outdoors. Shop our gear to find apparel perfect for biking, mountaineering, skiing, snowboarding and getting into and out of trouble!

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