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We're women from AA-DDD who actually wear and test every bra we sell. We can help you find the sports bra of your dreams. Just call, chat, or come in.

We Kow Sports Bras!

Long distance runner, adventure racer, mom. Our head bravangelist Molly knows bras, fit and support better than anyone on our team. She’s even been known to stop women on the street to offer up a fitting!


Runner, yogi, retail manager turned customer service manager. Don't let her petite size fool you: she's a bra knowledge powerhouse, and yes, she can fit you over the phone. No kidding!


Soccer player, mother runner, homegrown customer service gal turned copywriter and brand voice. She's been caught wielding a tape measure and offering trouble shooting tips, both on and off the clock.

The power of the
sports bra

It can define our relationship to sports and to motion. For many women and girls, it opens the door to sport, to competence and to confidence. For us, it is damn-near a religion. Just ask our bravangelists.

We believe that the right sports bra can change the world or at least our view of it.

That’s why we have been in the business of designing and choosing and testing and selling sports bras for over 25 years. That’s why we have a “Take-it-for-a-test-drive” guarantee. That’s why we test them by the thousands, so you don’t have to. That’s why we do Fit Fests at all of our retail stores.

Whether you want a bra that smoothes, smashes, soothes, separates or supports, we’ve got the right one just for you.

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