Pitchfest 2018

Badass woman symbol entrepreneurs bringing
their best stuff

We’re on a quest to find the next-gen of entrepreneurial women to join our Movers and Makers program at our 2nd annual Pitchfest – a day long event for badass women to pitch their best stuff, share their battle stories and raise the roof. We size up the best of what’s out there, making bets on small businesses run by women.

Check out the 2018 T9 Movers and Makers Pitchfest Winners to learn more about this female-powered event.

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Want to be a future T9 Mover & Maker? Keep taking risks. Keep making mistakes. Never stop being a badass mover and maker. And, yup, don't be afraid to make some 'fast fails.' We’re rooting for you.

Meet 2018 Pitchfest Winner Sensi Graves

2018 Pitchfest Winner Sensi Graves

Some of Our current
Movers & Makers

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