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When it comes to performance products, we have the inside line. We size up the best of what’s out there, very often making bets on small businesses run by women who are not only breaking the ceiling, but raising the roof and their voices too. They personally know what it takes to run hard, stand tall, climb high and go deep - and craft accordingly.

Sissi Kewenter

Founder/Designer, Skhoop

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Sissi is the SK in Skhoop and the inventor of the Original Insulated Skirt. The idea came to her one bitter cold morning walking her dog in her hometown of Åre, Sweden. Why should any kickass woman who loves being outdoors ever have to freeze her butt off? And the product that launched her company was born.

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Bronwen Lodato

Owner/Creator, bronwen Jewelry

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An Outward Bound instructor turned hand-crafted jeweler. Bronwen began making jewelry out of gortex thread and other materials scavenged from the repair room. Her jewelry, like the women who wear it, is feminine, fierce and made for adventure. And when she’s not riding roughshod over the demands of running a small business, she’s on her favorite ride: a cargo bike (with her 6 year old daughter as the cargo).

Check Out bronwen jewelry
Check Out bronwen jewelry
check out bronwen Jewelry

Rhonda Swenson

Founder/creative director, krimson klover

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A knitter from a young age, an entrepreneur many times over, a skier, mountain biker and adventurer, a survivor and a thriver. Our sweater maven Rhonda builds sweaters just for her and for us. Her sweaters and dresses sit at the perfect intersection of form, function and common sense. One-of-a-kind masterpieces from a one-of-a-kind woman.

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Check Out krimson klover gear
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Katherine Homes

activist/artist, katherine homes

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Conservationist, musician and protector of the wild. This wild woman merged her love of animals, the environment and art to create a business that donates up to 10% of sales to organizations that protect the Earth. We love her mission so much, it was a no brainer to carry her hats. Oldest piece of gear? Her 14 year old sleeping bag.

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check out Katherine’s hats

Kelli Jones

Founder & CEO, Noso PATCHES

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With a love of all things outdoor, from dirt biking to camping, kiteboarding to triathlon, Kelli knows firsthand “there are many adventures full of rips, snags and tears.” Refusing the old duct-tape standard of gear repair, she invented rugged custom patches that go on easy as a sticker. Her most well-loved piece is a rain jacket from 2002, but her newest? A Skhoop skirt (yes, really!) that’s about to be “patchdazzled.”

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Check Out noso patches
check out noso patches