Cold Weather Pants for Women

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Warm Pants for Women: Your Ticket to Winter Adventures

When the temps get cold, we don't stop moving. We just grab a pair of winter pants so we can keep adventuring and keep warm. Whether it's snow pants for women, insulated pants for women, or just a pair of warm pants to keep our bums toasty when winter comes our way, we've got the cold weather pants and tights women need to keep active all year long.


What are the best pants to keep warm during winter activities?

Our women's warm pants come with tons of different features, including a variety of different fits, fabrics, and styles that are made for everything from snow play to winter hikes. So how do you find the best winter pants for your activity? Here are a few things to consider.
- Weight: The weight or thickness of your warm pants has a lot to do with what activities are on the schedule. A winter running tight should still be sleek and fitted, just with a little extra warmth (go for Polartec® fleece-lined options if temps get really chilly) while heavier weight but moisture-proof pull-on soft-shell pants are great for layering over thermal tights or other warm leggings. Want a snowproof outerwear solution to add to your cold-weather gear? Look for thicker women's snow pants that have fleece or other warming materials on the inside and a durable, tough moisture-proof outer layer like Gore-Tex to keep the snow, wind, and cold out.
- Style: Winter pants for women come in lots of different styles and fits. Leggings & tights fit close to your leg and are ideal winter running pants. Women's snow pants also come in baggier styles that can be layered over other ski or snow gear, like a base layer. They sometimes have a bib to keep snow off our mid-section, and often have elasticated or larger size leg openings to fit over ski or snow boots.
- Durability: Quality cold weather pants should last you many winters, but it's important to pick the right material for the job. Sturdy, heavier weight winter hiking and rain pants are built for inclement weather, brambles, and backcountry adventures, while many sleeker thermal tights and winter running pants are built to insulate, but not necessarily protect from the elements. Grabbing the right pair for the chilly job at hand is key to making sure your winter pants last a really long time.


Do you really need warm athletic pants?

For women who love a good ski slope, winter run, or simply a snow play day, a good pair of womens warm pants or tights are key to keeping us warm and dry, no matter how cold it is outside.
What IS a winter pant, anyway? Winter pants are any type of bottoms that offer insulation against the winter weather—from merino wool base layers and tights to ski pants and snowboard pants.
Can't I just wear regular sweatpants or leggings? Sweatpants and leggings might give us a basic level of warmth during cool days or lounging around, but they aren't really built to stand up to wintery elements. Quality winter pants for women can give us protection from wind, cold, and sleet, and snow while providing a cozy insulated, moisture-wicking layer that keeps us warm, dry, and comfortable all day long. Regular sweatpants and leggings just aren't cut out for that level of performance.
What warm leggings are best for high-impact activity? First, consider the style of tights that are the best fit for your high-impact activity. Most of the time, warm tights or compression tights are a great choice. Next, consider the temps—a day that's just a little chilly might just require a thicker legging or tight, while a truly cold day might demand an insulated, fleece-lined legging or pant. Finally, make sure whatever legging, tight, or pant you choose is moisture-wicking, because nothing will bring the chill quicker than sweaty post-workout soggy bottoms.


What women's winter pants brands does Title Nine carry?

In addition to a massive collection of winter tights, warm leggings, and ski and snowboard pants created by and sold exclusively at Title Nine, we also carry a range of warm winter pants for women by SKHOOP, Smartwool, Rab, Kuhl, and Kari Traa.